Friday, November 26, 2010

PDP/PPM Books Contest, week 6: Helen!

On a recent airline trip to see the in-laws, John and I were honored to be seated next to a past president of the Tournament of Roses Association. He was on a public relations/scouting trip to visit universities--their football teams and especially their marching bands. Until I met this gentleman, I had no idea that a Tournament of Roses president first serves for years in other capacities before becoming president. Example: Lance M. Tibbet, a Tournament volunteer for the past thirty years, was recently elected to the Executive Committee. It's preordained that he will be president in 2018.

The dedication of these folks is unprecedented. That's why nobody else gets to wear a ring like this one, from 2004.

So which past president of the Tournament of Roses Association did John and I have the pleasure of meeting?

That's today's contest question. It's a fitting one because it's time to kick off the holiday season and because in Pasadena the holidays culminate with the Tournament of Roses. It's also fitting because of today's prize.

Contest rules:

1. Email the answer to the contest question to me. (This one's a little tougher than in weeks past, but I've given you all the information you need to Google it.) There's a link to my email in my profile at the upper left. You have until midnight tonight, Pasadena (Pacific) time. Answers in the comments section will be rudely ignored but probably not deleted.

2. That's all you have to do.

3. I'll put all the correct answers into a hat and tomorrow I'll find a willing stranger to draw the winning name. I'll announce the winner in Sunday's post.

Oh baby! I know some of you have been waiting for today. I'm giving away my one and only, brand new copy of Prospect Park Media's Helen of Pasadena by local Satellite Sister, Lian Dolan. Whet your Helen appetite--and find out why today's contest question fits today's prize--by reading chapter one here.

And come back next Friday because I'll be giving away a copy of At Home Pasadena, the lovely, hardcover coffee table book about beautiful living in our beautiful town.

Big thanks to Colleen Dunn Bates and everyone at Prospect Park Media!

PS. Several bloggers have contributed to Karin Bugge's piece about pet adoption today on Altadena Patch. I have a little blurb in there about Boz, which will be continued here tomorrow.


Mister Earl said...

Cool photo. I wonder who gets one of those rings. Do the players on the winning team get them?

I do have to say, though, on a public relations trip to scout teams and their bands? Come on! The Rose Bowl needs public relations like the SPCA needs more cats and dogs. And really, you need an in-person visit to know how Ohio State is doing and whether their band is any good?

I have a friend who was on the TOR committee for years. They make everyone retire at age 65. You can work your way up to president, but you better start early.

A friend of mine was on a plane and as they were getting ready to land, she noticed that the guy next to her had a huge ring. She commented and he told her that it was a Stanley Cup ring and that he had 4 of them. He was once an LA King. If anyone can tell me who it was, and what team he won the rings with, you won't win anything, but you'll have my admiration!

Bellis said...

Mr Earl, you crack me up! I've never seen any rings on fellow travelers, but I must say, the one in your photo is a beauty, and I'd love to have it. Does the ToR have any women lined up for President?

So it's a "willing stranger" to draw the winning ticket now, is it? There can't be many people in your neighborhood that don't know you - where are you going to go?

Petrea said...

Only ToR presidents get these rings, Mister Earl. Players get a ring, but not this one.

Since every band in the nation wants to be in the Rose parade the ToR people have to choose carefully. They learn about the school, the band members and even the community before making their selections. It's not just about whether the band is good. It takes a village.

Bellis, there are women on the Executive committee. I don't know if they're lined up for president or not.
I think I'm missing all the neighborhood kids as they head off to their Saturday activities. So maybe I'll take the hat to the Farmers' Market.

Mister Earl said...
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Mister Earl said...

Just read Lian's first chapter. Funny stuff.


Mister Earl said...

I see. I was thinking that the university bands in the parade are just the ones for the schools playing in the Game, but I see that there are a few others, and certainly, the high school bands need to be scouted.

I'm hoping that this weekend's games come out so that Stanford and its band are in the Rose Bowl. Stanford's band is wild. Have been ever since the 60s. It's a band that the TOR would never "willingly" choose, I'm sure. But if the Cardinal (nee Indians) get in, their band will be there!

Katie said...

That's quite an impressive ring. I bet lots of people ask this man about his ring (and I would imagine he loves to talk about it). I was never in a marching band, but I helped make a float once. I look forward to paying more attention to the Rose Parade this year.

Jack said...

Interesting post. I spent the last six years working in Columbus so I am hoping that the Ohio State Buckeyes are in the Rose Bowl this year. And that their Best D%#% Band In The Land plays there and does the famous Script Ohio formation.

Anonymous said...


Remember when our cousins from Mt. Pleasant Iowa got to march and play in the Rose Bowl parade? It was huge.

Petrea said...

My hope is that whatever teams get into the game they bring their wonderful fans with them, and that their wonderful fans have a delightful time in Pasadena. Otherwise, I haven't got a clue about baseba--uh, football.

Katie, you're way ahead of me. I live here and I've never been up close to a float, never seen the parade in person.

Gina, that memory is so vague as to be almost nonexistent in my brain. That must have been pretty exciting.

Margaret said...

Talk about your bling. (I can see Mr. Early feels strongly about this.)

Mister Earl said...

Well, Auburn came from behind to beat Alabama, making it very unlikely that Stanford will go to the Rose Bowl this year.

Margaret: There you go with the "Mr. Early" again. I'm sure that's only hearsay.

Bellis said...

You were very early this morning, Mr. E, to get in the first comment! What time did you get up?

P, I can't believe you've never watched the parade. I get so excited, I hardly sleep the night before. it's beautiful and odoriferous and exciting and ....this year the dogs on the float will be SNOWBOARDING! Let's hope it doesn't rain.

altadenahiker said...

As a failed clarinetist, I have total respect for marching bands. Even sitting bands.

(When I lived on ElMo, I could walk to the parade. It was nice.)

Petrea said...

Bellis, I'm stricken by severe dislike of two things that the Rose Parade has in spades: crowds and cold. If I could watch it from an office building or something like that, I'd love it. If we have warm weather this year, maybe I'll see if I can find a spot that's not crowded. But there's no such spot in Pasadena on January 1st.

Susan Campisi said...

Back where I come from, any man wearing a ring that size was part of the "family."

Susan Campisi said...

I forgot to say that I love your Boz blurb over on Patch. A true love story.

Petrea said...

Hahaha, Susan!

I loved your Tommy story, too. The Boz story will be continued here tomorrow.

Susan Campisi said...

Thanks, Petrea. You know I'll be back for more Boz tomorrow.

Mister Earl said...

My friend, who has been a TOR parade committee member for 31 years, never knew about the president's Rose Bowl ring. He's going to find out more about it. Very fun topic today.

Mister Earl said...

Also, Petrea, one of my favorite things is to look at the floats under construction at the Rose Palace or Rosemont Pavillion before the parade, and a couple times catch them on New Year's eve heading for Orange Grove. At least you should stop by and see the South Pas float under construction behind the War Memorial building. By now, I think you have enough connections to get invited to watch the parade from a building.

Petrea said...

I'll work on it, Earl. But as far as I know I don't know anyone who works on Colorado Blvd!

Mister Earl said...

I'll bet you PIO has the connections.

A friend of mine did some work for B of A and one year got to watch from their building next to the Elks Club.

A friend of mine worked for Arco. One year she inherited 4 tickets when one of the big wigs became ill. We got free breakfast and lunch at Parsons, all kinds of swag, primo seats in front of the Elks, and froze our tootsies off.

WV: upeeten. Can you one-upeeten that?

Petrea said...

PIO also has a a lot of people asking for favors. What I need is a friend at that Jaguar dealership. They have big windows.