Friday, November 12, 2010

PDP/PPM Books Contest, week 4

Local Pasadenamites (as opposed to what--international Pasadanish?) will immediately recognize this rock formation, even though it's covered with gunite. It's our famous devil of the Devil's Gate Dam. This rock formation gave the dam its name.

But who named the "Devil's Gate" gorge? That's this week's contest question. Once again, I've linked you to the answer. (Read the whole post, it's fascinating.) Many thanks to Ann Erdman, Pasadena PIO, for her great blog.

If you've been checking in for the past few weeks you know the contest rules, but in case you haven't, here they are:

1. Email the answer to me. There's a link to my email in my profile at the upper left. You have until midnight tonight, Pasadena (Pacific) time. Answers in the comments section will be rudely ignored.

2. That's all you have to do.

3. Tomorrow I'll ask my cutest, most innocent neighbor child to draw the winning name from a hat. I will search diligently for an actual child. I'll announce the winner in Sunday's post.

4. PRIZES! For your holiday gift-giving for for your lucky self:

Once again, this week's prize will be a brand new copy of Hometown Pasadena 2009-2010, thanks to Colleen Dunn Bates and Prospect Park Media. After today I only have one more copy of Hometown Pasadena to give away. We'll do that next week.

THEN we'll have another week or two of giveaways because we have a copy of At Home Pasadena, the lovely, hardcover coffee table book about beautiful living in our beautiful town;
stick around, because we also have a copy of the brand new novel, Helen of Pasadena, by Pasadanish Lian Dolan. The book is now available at bookstores everywhere. Whet your Helen appetite by reading chapter one here, or meet Lian in person at Vroman's November 14th at 3pm.

Many thanks to Colleen, Lian and everyone at Prospect Park Media.


altadenahiker said...

That picture is superb; wait'll Bellis sees it. I'm trying to figure out where you were standing...

Speedway said...

My "wv" today is "pensill" which I take to be one of those yellow thingys that are going the way of cursive writing and spelling.

It's interesting to me that Pasadena was founded by a bunch of Hoosiers who sought to escape the Indiana winters. One of the founders of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Carl G. Fisher, began the development of Miami Beach, Florida for the same reason. A friend and I each year eagerly await the winter solstice because we know the days begin to get longer.

Petrea said...

Hiker, Bellis showed me the route to get down there. I could have intuited the way but I didn't have the boots. It's wet! Bellis thought to bring wellies and walking sticks, both necessary.

Speedway, being from northern Illinois, none of that surprises me.

Susan Campisi said...

I'm a Pasadenamite and I didn't recognize Devil's Dam. I need to buy some wellies and get out and explore more.

Fascinating history on PIO.

Bellis said...

Wow, that's a beautiful shot of the old devil, still looking his old self despite the cement glaze. There's so much greenery down there now compared to the old photos in Ann's blog. It's flourishing in the thick mud washed down from the mountains after the fire. Nature always bounces back.

Did the young L. Ron Hubbard really think this was the entrance to hell?

TheChieftess said...

Well I'll be...yet another spot in my old stomping grounds that I know nothing about!!! He does look a bit like Satan...or maybe a profile of Basil Rathbone!!!

Petrea said...

I think the young L. Ron thought sensationalism would sell books. But maybe that's just me?

Yes, get out and explore! We've got a lot of good spots. Susan, this one's not a good dog hike, too rocky.

Now, Chieftess, I'm going to go look for pictures of Basil.

Colleen said...

LOVE that photo!! I'm so happy to have our books be party favors for your wonderful site.

Margaret said...

That is just a darn spooky rock formation. I'm surprised it hasn't inspired a horror movie.

Virginia said...

Very cool. What's that square window?

Petrea said...

Thank you, Colleen. We're having fun with this!

It did, Margaret.

Not a window, Virginia, but a shadow made by a small rock overhang. The devil's eye, I guess.

Shell Sherree said...

Pasadanish? Darn it, Petrea, now I need a pastry. Very cool rock formation.

altadenahiker said...

Oh no, you mean what many consider the worst movie ever was shot at our Haha?

Petrea said...

Shell, I'd send you a macaron if I could.

No, Hiker, as far as I know the movie wasn't shot here, thank goodness. I'm referring to Bellis' earlier comment about L. Ron thinking this gorge was the entrance to hell. The film is based on one of L. Ron's books.

Katie said...

Excellent photo and fascinating history in the link. I think it looks less like the devil and more like Abe Lincoln with a mohawk, but that's just me.

Dina said...

Gunite! I always wondered what that stuff was.

Petrea said...

I don't know what the devil looks like, Katie, so your guess is as good as mine.

We can both thank Ann Erdman, Dina.