Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

This guy looks happy, right?

John and I saw him in the window of The Kitchen, a gourmet catering and gifty shop. It's in that "bonus" part of Pasadena that's so far west on Colorado Blvd. it's almost in Eagle Rock--but it's still ours.

Okay, this is it. Pasadena (even the bonus part) is decked out for Halloween. Tonight the holiday season begins in a big, loud whoosh!

We'd like to think no, we've got almost a month before Thanksgiving, but it's really only three weeks and that goes by fast. Then a month until Christmas, a week until New Year's, and poof! Where did the time go?

So I'm trying to think right now, to remember: savor. Savor the little kiddies coming to the door, savor the autumn clouds and crisp air, savor the parties even if there are too many, savor the food (of course), even savor the crowds at the stores, dammit, if that's what I have to do. I'm going to have fun this holiday season. I'm going to enjoy every minute of it, from the weird decorations to the traffic, so that every gift I give arrives in the hands of its recipient loaded with good vibes.

If this sounds like a resolution, it is. Feel free to call me on it if I start complaining.

Happy Halloween, for starters.

I promised to announce the winner of the PDP/PPM Books Contest Week 2, and tada! It's Melinda Baumle of Pasadena! Congratulations, Melinda. Melinda's name was randomly drawn from among all the correct answers to Friday's contest question by my cute, innocent neighbor, PDP's resident geologist Becca. (What can I say? The neighborhood kids must have been working on their costumes.) Melinda says her prize, a brand new copy of Hometown Pasadena 2009-2010, will come in handy because she has little ones and is always in need of new things to do to entertain them. Hometown Pasadena has a good kids' section.

Hometown Pasadena makes a great gift, too. I have more to give away. We'll play again Friday.

Update: I forgot to say what the answer to the question was! The Braley Building is owned by the Church of Scientology.


altadenahiker said...

You knew that old troll doll would come in handy.

Virginia said...

Oh that's a great face and I like that ghoulish green glow. BOO!

Bellis said...

That's what happens if you complain about the food (which is very good - try it for lunch sometime).

You're always cheerful, P.

Petrea said...

Ha! I just don't show my icky side online.

Susan Campisi said...

I like your resolution. I'm going to borrow it and make "savor" my mantra for the season.

J+P said...

Heebie-jeebus is my savor!

Petrea said...

I've already had too much chocolate, Susan. It's not looking good. Although I did savor it.

J, you slay me. I probably shouldn't say that.

Katie said...

Very freaky photo and the color tint makes it especially creepy. Is that a basket of potatoes? I never get trick-or-treaters at my apartment, but I still enjoy the season. I'm really looking forward to all the leftover Halloween candy that will show up at work tomorrow.

Ms M said...

Good resolution -- and enjoy savoring :) I'll try it, too.

Susan Campisi said...

I bought a bag of candy even though I haven't had one trick-or-treater in the three years I've been here. So I've had too much chocolate, too. As long as we're savoring I think we're good.

Petrea said...

I don't think they're potatoes, Katie. Some sort of large, round, decorative, pretend fruit.

I savored a couple of bite-sized Butterfingers tonight, Ms. M.

Susan, I'm sorry you don't get trick-or-treaters. Whenever I open the door to them I smile from ear to ear. They are so excited, having so much fun.

They seem to have tapered off for the night. We had a smaller crowd this year. I hope they all had a good time.

Amy said...

That's right, savor and ignore the Christmas decorations that are already popping up!

Petrea said...

Really, Amy? I'm not surprised. It's been that way as long as I can remember.