Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Accidents

This isn't at all what I was trying to photograph, but some accidents are happy ones:

like how I ended up at a temp job in the 90's with a supervisor who is still my best client;

like when my regular doctor wasn't available and the nurse practitioner diagnosed and treated my problem that he couldn't help me with (poof! new regular doctor);

like when I stumbled upon Paris Daily Photo online and it inspired me to create Pasadena Daily Photo;

like how the rental house fell through at the last minute and John and I had to take a place in Altadena, thereby discovering the good life in The Dena (we got married in that back yard);

like when we ended up at the wrong animal shelter and instead of a vanilla lab we adopted Boz;

like when I went to see my friend perform in an improv show and her friend John was there too (see photo);

et cetera.

Got a happy accident? Let's hear about it.


J.J. in L.A. said...

Happy accident - I 'met' a woman on a Yahoo Groups list who said she lived in Pasadena. I said I lived nearby. She said that we should get together some time but we never made plans, just e-mailed daily.

A few weeks later, a cousin and I decided, one day, to go to the mall. We got there and saw a man getting out of a van, who was looking at me strangely. He came up and asked, "Are you Jodi?"

Melissa was in the van. We headed into the mall, talking a mile a minute with her hubby and my cousin trailing behind. I found out then that she lived less than a mile from me.

That was 7 years ago and we're like sisters.

Shell Sherree said...

Now, that really is beautiful! You've had some very happy accidents, Petrea. One of my happiest was almost 20 years ago. I went to the wrong movie cinema, so decided to visit an antique store instead, and was instantly smitten with a little black kitten they were giving away. Of course, she came home with me. And how she blessed me! She was my north, my south, my east and west {thank you, W. H. Auden}.

altadenahiker said...

I pretty much consider life an accident. This is a lovely, warm picture.

Lori Webster said...

I agree with Karin...life tends to be full of happy and sometimes, unhappy, accidents. Love your examples of happy accidents, Petrea, and that's a lovely photo!

Petrea said...

That's a good one, J.J.! Some people say there are no coincidences.

Shell, I love that one, too. Accidental pets can come from (and lead in) all directions.

From the specific to the general, Hiker and Lori, it seems like one comes to appreciate serendipity. When things go wrong, I try to remember to ask myself: "What can I find in this wrong turn that feels right?" (I don't always remember to ask.)

Susan Campisi said...

Your "accidents" tell a wonderful life story.

Tommy is my most obvious happy accident.

Petrea said...

Good dogs are happy accidents.

Outside the door of the vet where we take Boz there's a sign saying, "Let us know if your pet has an accident."

Desiree said...

Oooh, aaah-love the photo

Anonymous said...

Happy accident, i found your blog and it inspired me to do my own, actually 2 blogs.

Thank you Petrea


Mister Earl said...

I think the vet means that your dog got pregant, or got someone pregnant, because of lack of birth control or failure thereof.

WV: Zopled. My dog had an accident and now I'm completely zopled.

Virginia said...

I've had so many happy accidents in my life that I can't tell them all. Perhaps just stumbling into blogging via our beloved Pope Eric, which led me to you and so many more. I'm eternally grateful.

PS This is a kick ass photo.

Petrea said...

Oooh, aaah! Thank you, Desiree!

Mike, I had no idea. Wow. Thanks. Nor did I know you had two blogs. Check him out, you guys, he's good.

That's one kind of accident, Mister Earl, but I think the vet wants us to let them know so they can clean up after our pets have "sidewalk accidents." Euphemism.

Merci, Virg. Yeah, Dear Eric and blogging opened up the world to me, too.

Katie said...

I can't think of any happy accidents, but as a Freshman in college I took French as a throw-away elective (I planned on being a poli-sci major) but was so wowed by the prof that I majored in French and spent my Junior year in Paris. Obviously that changed my life. I shudder to think where I'd be now if I'd gone the poli-sci route!

Ms M said...

Your photo is a marvelous accident! And it's fun reading of the "accidents" of others. I've had good and bad "accident" photos. And my kitty Oscar, who was with me for 19 years was such a precious "accident".

Bellis said...

Interesting accidental photo - but that can't be John, surely?

I think my life has been a series of fortunate accidents, only a few of which were of the sidewalk kind.

I once heard a British doctor in charge of an overworked ER unit complaining that the trouble with accidents was, you couldn't predict them.

wv: mutte. The result of Mr Earl's kind of accident?

Petrea said...

Katie, I'd call that a happy accident.

I like that one, Ms. M.

Bellis, it's John. What candlelight and rippled glass won't do, eh?

J+P said...

Jeez, I look like Maimonides in his study, nine hundred years ago …

Petrea said...

I think you look young in this one, Maimonides.

Irina said...

My mom forced me to English study school when I was 7. There were few of them in Moscow in 1976 and I use "forced" because nobody needed English, just extra pain to learn it, why language if you would never speak to any foreigner in your whole life? And look where I am now. English gave me profession I like, friends, the world. It seems to me all the accidents so very well planned by our fate.

Petrea said...

Irina, I meet so many wonderful people online from all around the world, and I'm amazed that they speak English. I've learned little bits of other languages (French and Spanish), and I know how hard it is to learn a new language.

I'm very glad you speak English! It's so nice to get to know you.