Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good Souls

This is Boz. We're not sure of his history but after having lived with him for 7 1/2 years I can tell you it was probably something like this: he was loved and well treated. One day, someone left a gate open or a door unlatched. Boz got out and wandered. Dogs are like that. They're innocent creatures. They don't know it's dangerous out there. They just want a little adventure.

Boz (or whatever his name was then) didn't have a nametag and he didn't have a chip. He got lost. He got scared. Luckily, a good soul found him. Luckily, he ended up in a no-kill shelter. Lucky for him and lucky for us. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but we're madly in love with him.

A good soul put up signs in my neighborhood today:
I don't know this little guy's name. If you do, that's lucky for both of you. Please call the Humane Society at 626-792-7151 and claim him. Then get him chipped. Put a collar on him with your phone number on it. Then give him a kiss and be happy you're both so lucky.

Which brings me to Keera.
I wish I'd thought to post about Keera before, but the other dog's poster is what made me think of her. Keera's signs have been up in the hood for a few weeks. The part of the story I know is that her owner's home was broken into, and in the melee she ran out the door and disappeared. Rumor has it she was last seen in Altadena, but rumor is a part of the story I don't know. Have you seen her? I keep hoping someone found her and took her in.

Maybe Keera wasn't meant to get out. The point is, you never know. A collar with your phone number (a few bucks at the pet store) and a microchip (about $10-$15), are for your dog's safety.

Dogs are such good souls. I hope you know these two and have a chance to be a good soul for them.


J.J. in L.A. said...

Boz is a handsome guy!

And I hope those other dogs find their owners soon.

Birdman said...

Cool shot.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Tova spent time as a poster child/cat. Ten days lost this month, three years ago. You don't ever want to know how that feels. Put those posters near schools. Kids see things. One saw Tova and I got her back

altadenahiker said...

Do you remember the dog that was lost about a year ago and there were signs and giant banners everywhere? One stretched half a block. And they put up new signs every month. I've always hoped they had good news.

Usually people put up signs on phone and utility poles. The signs eventually fade and tear, and the dogs and cats seem forever lost.

Petrea said...

Thanks, J.J.! Not bad for a 12 year old.

Merci, Birdman. I take way too many pictures of my dog.

PA, when we'd had Boz for about two weeks he found a way out of a hole in the back fence. We'd already had him chipped, but yeah--an awful feeling. And you're right, a neighbor girl had found him and put him in her yard 'til we got home. Near schools. Good idea.

I remember those signs, Hiker. I hope those people had good news, too. Altadenablog publishes great "lost dog" info, but it seems it's all too often. If it were my dog, though, I'd leave the posters up as long as they'd stay there. I wouldn't want to give up hope.

Bellis said...

Can't begin to tell you how much I love today's moving blog, Petrea.

Like Karin, I'm always sad when I see the old tattered lost pet signs. If people get the dog back, it'd be nice if they took the signs down, or put up a FOUND! notice to make us happy. It'd also be good if Lost notices gave the date and place where the pet went missing. Unlike Karin, I've never returned a lost dog to its owner. We need Karin "Sherlock" Bones in Pasadena!

Petrea said...

Our little Jack Russell mix has good info on his poster: date, time and even the ID number they gave him at the Humane Society. If you like him you can go visit him, and if the owner doesn't claim him he could be yours!

I found and returned a dog once. There was some sort of Humane Society ID number on his tag, if I remember correctly, but no phone number. So I called the Humane Society and they gave me his address. I was able to deliver him.

Karen said...

I have found three lost dogs while walking in my neighborhood in the evenings. Two I returned to their owners and one I took to the S.G. Humane Society.

That one followed me home and then barked his head off in my yard. I had to "sleep" (ha) on a chaise lounge in my backyard right next to him all night, he was so restless and frantic. Poor guy.

Jilly said...

Oh dear, this is all so moving. Lost dogs, refuge dogs. Too many unwanted dogs, too many lost dogs. All so sad. And all so wonderful when we end up with one of them. I'm lucky and have two. You are lucky and have your beautiful Boz and how lucky is he! A lovely post, Petrea and beautiful shot of your gorgeous boy.

Virginia said...

Oh you made me smile to see my Bozerino today. I'm madly in love too you know.

Now those other two pups made me tear up. I"m so lucky my sweet Meeps was found by a good soul and that my daughter insisted that I take her. I can't love her enough!

PS I"m glad Jilly came by. Now that's a dog lover if there ever was one. Oh the love she has shown to her dogs and the rescues as well.

Steve Scauzillo said...

good advice get the dogs chipped. We found a dog a year or so ago, let him stay in our backyard for a day until we had the humane society "read" the chip and they located the owner. It really works.

Petrea said...

Karen, you're a good soul.

Jilly, I know what a dog lover you are! You go out of your way to take care of them, and I owe thanks to people like you.

Virginia, the statistics on how many animals are euthanized in the LA area every year are staggering. It doesn't have to be that way.

Steve, that's a story with a happy ending!

Susan Campisi said...

It's great that you posted about these dogs, Petrea. It can only help to spread the word far and wide. The second one breaks my heart the most (at least the first one has a good soul looking out for his best interest). I saw the second poster a couple of weeks ago in Altadena and considered calling to see if she'd been found. But I didn't want to give the owner a false sense of hope when I said I was calling about the dog. I hope I never have to experience losing one of my pets.

I love that picture of Boz. You're a family of good souls, dog and humans alike.

Petrea said...

Right now, Boz does NOT consider himself lucky. It's raining, and he does NOT like rain. He's curled up like a doughnut under his towels, making a stink.

Lori Webster said...

Ahhh...poor Boz, cooped up in the rain. Pepe doesn't like the rain, either, so he's curled up somewhere in our house, too (most likely on our bed, after having pushed the comforter down and arranged our pillows "just so").

The 2nd dog's picture is now up in our store....hopefully someone will recognize the pup and get it back to where she belongs.

Bellis said...

Just had a lovely, long walk in Hahamongna with Abby. She was so happy to be in the damp, cool, fragrant outdoors. Boz will enjoy a walk there once the rain lets up. An extra bonus is that the birds are singing their hearts out.

It's Spring in Southern California!

Melanie Neslo said...

There's just something about a greying muzzle and paws that makes my heart melt a little. What a beautiful guy!

This weekend we had a vistor, big (BIG) black lab, lots of grey. I saw him outside, opened the front door; to ask what he was doing here...he pushed his way in, sniffed the kids, and plopped himself down in the middle of the kitchen, and that was that (I think he is experienced in this visiting thing). Until his Dad showed up (good cell numbers on his collar), and away he went.

I hope they don't loose their dog again, but I kinda hope he comes to visit again too!

TheChieftess said...

Daisy went to the Dr today...she actually likes going there, even after having surgery there to remove a there were numerous other dogs there...all anxious to check each other out...some shaking a bit while trying to act cool...but the one that stole the show was the HUGE chocolate Lab that was terrified...while one person pulled the leash to take him into the room, mom got behind him and pushed...he put on the brakes like a Mule (he was almost as big as a mule!)...he finally figured out that he was going in there whether he wanted to or not and he reluctantly started moving on his own accord!

Daisy is a "rescue"...we got her when she was about 5 years old. She's been the best dog that either the Hubman or I have ever had!!! She's old now, needs a boost to get in and out of the car, can't see or hear us until we get pretty darned close...but she's our girl!!!

Petrea said...

I just love all these stories. We ought to have a dog stories blog. We sort of do, with Susan Campisi's "My Life With Tommy" (click on her if you haven't already).

We adopted Boz when he was about five, also. I've never known a more wonderful dog.

TheChieftess said...

It's no wonder Daisy and Boz hit off right away...they have similar stories!!!

Boz is a handsome boy!!!

There is a fun dog and cat blog... it is an international site...if you email the blog administrator, they will send you an can then post pics...Daisy and our kitties have been on several times!!!

Shell Sherree said...

Aww, Boz! How did I miss this post?! I'm so glad he ended up with you. What a blessing. And I hope there are happy stories for those other sweet pooches and their families. Every bit of exposure must help the cause, Petrea ~ good on you!

Petrea said...

I looked at that blog and found Daisy there, Chieftess!

Shell, I know you've gone to a lot of trouble to save animals in Australia, Shell. I think exposure may count. Even if the finders don't see the dogs on the blog, they may see them at Lori's store. Every bit helps.

Margaret said...

We had a little dog run across a busy street to greet us the other day when we were out walking Scout. She was as friendly and as careless as can be. Luckily, she had little pendant with her name and phone number on. She followed us home, we put her in the backyard, called her family and they came right over. We were so glad there was a happy ending.

Petrea said...

Love it when there's a happy ending, Margaret.

Susan Campisi said...

Thanks, belatedly, for the shout out to "My Life with Tommy." It's great to connect with so many dog lovers.