Thursday, May 13, 2010

Third Time's a Charm

Where are my manners? I promised you this photo last November! That kind of lateness is soooo unfashionable.

You probably forgot, like I did. I'll refresh your memory.

Last November we were talking about Owl Drug, which was once in this building at the corner of Colorado Blvd. and Fair Oaks. (You can still see the Owl Drug tiles at the entrance to J. Crew.) I posted twice about it, with pictures and information sent in by knowledgeable Pasadenish. But the most recent photo I had at the time was a 1980's, run-down version of this 1930 "zig-zag modern" structure that replaced one of Pasadena's earliest buildings, the 1893 Los Angeles House Hotel, which burned down in 1929.

I took today's photo while on the thoroughly enjoyable Pasadena Heritage Old Town Walking Tour. The next one's in August. You can make reservations at the website.

At last, I've brought you up-to-date on the story of this building.

Too little too late?


Dina said...

Ahh, doesn't it feel good to get that off your conscience?!
I recently saw this, which is perfect for me:
"I was planning to procrastinate, but I never got around to it."

Shell Sherree said...

Petrea, it's all good to me! Kudos for still remembering and following through. And I enjoyed looking at that beautiful old Owl Drug mosaic again!

Mister Earl said...

The building has a similar feel to the bank building at Fair Oaks and Mission that is being restored to its original look.

Petrea said...

It sure does, Dina. I kept walking by the building when the light wasn't good, or I'd get a photo full of traffic. But the Old Town Walking tour was on a Saturday morning. There was the light I wanted (and the lack of traffic)!

Shell, my problem with procrastination is I can't forget.

I'm looking forward to the final results of that remodel, Earl.

mark said...

Better late than never. You are quite a historian and a sleuth. You provided some great facts about a great building. Too many of our great buildings are falling to the wrecking ball. Nicely done and a very nice photo too.

TheChieftess said...

Procrastination? Or perfectionism???

Great shot!!! Hope Pas PIO keeps us all posted about that next tour!!!

Tash said...

Never too late. Marvy. I so like the way the old buildings had the carved (?) borders. I've been taking photos around town of misc. industrial buildings (power stations) of the same vintage.
Owls was my 1st experience with a US 'drug' store...loved walking around and just looking at the one in my old hood on Figueroa St. in Highland Park. I saw the sign is still there...but no more drug store. :(

Petrea said...

Hi Mark. Restoring and reusing old buildings is one thing I love about Pasadena. We seem to be pretty good at it, thanks to groups like Pasadena Heritage and the shared mentality of a citizenry that values history.

You have me pegged, Chieftess. PIO will probably not keep us informed about Old Town Tours, but you can keep yourself informed by checking their website and signing up for their newsletter.

I'm glad they keep the old signs, Tash! It's so cool that you can step across the Owl Drug tiles into J. Crew.

TheChieftess said...

I'm signed up for that Old town newsletter!!!

Greg Sweet said...

I don't think it's unfashionable. You see, that building is largely white, and a November posting would have been past Labor Day - very unfashionable. May is much more appropriate for white - as I'm sure those J Crew folks would tell you.

Kat said...

Funny, I just recently took a photo of the owl drug tiles, but haven't yet posted it. It's one cof those things I'd stepped over a million times... And then just suddenly noticed.

Katie said...

Yay, more Owl Drug building photos! (Ok, so I kinda forgot you said you'd give us more photos, but hey at least you remembered.) The building looks great, especially all the detail work at the top. Are those earthquake-resistant braces in the upper window? The Old Town walking tour sounds like a very fun and informative outing.

Petrea said...

You go, Chieftess!

Greg, you know me so well. I am a slave to fashion.

Kat, I'll look forward to seeing your take on those tiles. I know you'll do something cool with them.

Katie, I don't know if the braces on the upper windows have a particular function beyond decorative. I took closer-up shots of them but they don't reveal anything more. It would make sense, though.

Kim said...

Absolutely charming to see in the bright sunlight. You couldn't have coaxed a better color car to zoom by at just the right moment either. Really sparks up the shot of this great building. Fun to learn the details of the history of the building and its predecessor. Fire was so much more common a devastator in those days.

Anonymous said...

This building housed a thrift store called Carodin's Wardrobe (I think) in the late 70s and early 80s, before old Pasadena became "Old Pasadena." I think they were going for a more upscale selection than a typical thrift store, but I'm not sure I ever went into it.

Petrea said...

Thanks, Kim. I'd have loved a photo without cars, but I don't get up that early!

Nick, click on the "posted twice" link and scroll down for Terry Griest's photo of Carodin's and a walk down memory lane.