Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Now it Has a Google Image

The web offers precious little information about the Pasadena Motor Inn. I learned more about it from the sign at the entrance to the parking lot.

weekly rates
over 80 tv channels
free!! wireless internet

In this age, how is one to know without web reviews if the Pasadena Motor Inn is a reputable establishment?

The colorful stripes light up at night. They give the place a singular bit of kitsch.


Shell Sherree said...

I wonder if people are too busy watching the 80 tv channels to leave a web review via the free!! wireless internet.

Anonymous said...

The Astro Motel near there is pretty classic too.

Margaret said...

I'm tempted by the 80 channels. We get, I think, 4.

WV: Flushi

Petrea said...

I was more excited about the free wifi than the TV, but 80 channels is tempting. See, now I know where to go if our plumbing erupts or something.

I need to get a picture of the Astro for sure.

Margaret, I hope you don't have cable. That would be a travesty.

Virginia said...

Awww that's cool signage on the side. How did I miss that one?

Petrea said...

Virg, we were careful not to take you through that part of town.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

These are some really beautiful shots !!Great post !!

pasadenapio said...

I say they should qualify as official public art! Except they don't.

mark said...

I planned on staying at your house.

Trish said...


had to go there once for an interview. one of those things where the company rented a room to do the interviews...would've been better to interview for a position with the motor inn!

am not sure there are 80 channels one can get unless you PAY for those special $$$ channels, at least there at the inn.

not sure about the beds, but I do think the signage has been the same for the last 25 years, would assume the furniture would have a similar turnover rate.

and...a clue...anything with weekly rates in that section of town...just run. trust me.

you'd be better off sleeping in the car near a coffee shop with free wifi.

just sayin

wv: twork...as in
trish works too much..sigh

Petrea said...

Thank you Unseen, you're sweet!

Ha ha, PIO! You crack me up.

Mark, you're even funnier.

LOL is right, Trish. I was waiting for someone to bring that up. It's not really a bad part of town--not like I'm uncomfortable walking there or anything. But the weekly rate had me wondering.

Sarah said...

I like those signs!

Virginia said...

THAT part of town? Anywhere near the French Targé?

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I grew up "East Pasadena Adjacent" It's not "Old Town" as Old Town is today. Nor as tough as old town was back when. What I like about the area is that it retains that low slung one story appearance that was so common to the valley burbs....and now the new location for the Doo Dah parade.

Great Tiki inspired signage.

Bellis said...

Free wifi would be wonderful. In our four star hotel in Holland you can buy it per hour or per 24 hours, but it's only for one laptop, and we each want to use our own. Plus it always seems to expire just as I'm posting a comment. As for the TV channels, why do hotels always try to lure you into paying for their "special" channels? To get to CNN I have to work my way through 5 different menus with the free option always at the bottom. Those "special" movies for lonely businessmen must be a nice little earner for hotels.
I think I've been here too long.

Petrea said...

I like the signs too, Sarah. Any attempts to beautify intrigue me, whether they succeed or fail.

Well, now, Virginia we have two Targés. This would be smack dab in between the two. I don't know which one is French.

PA, am I correct that this neighborhood is not as bad as Trish remembers it to be? It seems fine to me now.

Yes, Bellis, you've been there too long.

TheChieftess said...

Darn I thought this was the Pasadena Inn on Arroyo...and I was gonna tell you all about the ChanDra Thai restaurant right next door....oh!!! I guess I did anyway!!! If you're in the mood for Thai, try it...park in the Pasadena Inn (not the Motor Inn) parking lot.

Amy said...

I don't have cable or anything, so sometimes the amount of cable channels is a plus when looking for a hotel. It's fun to channel surf when you rarely get a chance to do it!