Friday, May 7, 2010

Nothing Lasts Forever

Since September, 2009 we've been checking in at the same spot on the last day of every month to see if southern California actually has seasons. We've noted slight variations. "Subtle" isn't normally the word one uses when speaking of southern California, but it applies in certain situations. My plan is to keep taking photos at this spot through August, giving us one year of views.

I missed April 30th's Last Day post because I was in the throes of computer hell. But as I've returned to computer heaven I can catch up and post these two shots. The one above was taken May 4th. The grass (full of what the locals call nettles, my socks can attest) is high and dry.

I took the photo below yesterday, May 6th, with my iPhone. The mowers have come.
They have to mow. The grasses, pretty as they are, pose a fire danger.

At first I was angry to see my little tree mowed down. But I think it must have been an accident. It's not my tree, really. I miss it, though.

Update: 5/10/10--
the Pasadena City Council will NOT be discussing soccer fields at Hahamongna tonight, as originally planned. The issue is scheduled to be revisited at the Council's June 7th meeting.


altadenahiker said...

You're invested in this spot; I can understand the attachment.

Have you noticed the wonderful colors in the hills? Some burn areas have a low-growing, purple-blossomed bush or herb. gorgeous.

Latino Heritage said...

How very Brahmsian - text for his Requiem. Das Gras ist verdorret
und die Blume abgefallen. The grass withers,
and the flower thereof falleth away. I Peter 1:24

Petrea said...

Thank you, Karin. That must be it. It was just a little seedling and there are plenty of others.

Yes, the hills are looking beautiful. Nature does amazing work.

Beautiful words, Roberta.

Here's a Hahamongna update:
Monday, May 10, the Pasadena City Council will revisit the issue of whether or not additional sports fields should be built in Hahamongna. The meeting begins at 6:30 pm.

Council Chamber
Pasadena City Hall
100 North Garfield Ave
Room S249

The item is listed as follows on the agenda:


This is an important meeting to attend and let the Council know your views on what should be the future of Hahamongna.

Linda Dove said...

Can't resist the set-up you provide a poet to reference Marvell's mower poems:

I am the Mower Damon, known
Through all the Meadows I have mown...

'Tis death alone that this must do:
For Death thou art a Mower too.

BTW, I'd miss the tree, too.

Margaret said...

Sad about the tree, though.

TheChieftess said...

May you have good luck dealing with your city council...

Petrea said...

I love that, Linda! It's perfectly sinister and so realistic. BTW, I was rereading your Shylock and Leah poem this morning and reloving it.

Yes, Margaret. I've decided not to dwell on it, though. Instead I'm gazing at the colors in the hills that Hiker mentioned.

Oh, Chieftess. Yes, well. I believe in the smart, thinking people on our city council. Most of them tend to listen to their constituents and care about the city. I've heard of other city councils that don't do that, but in general I wouldn't say that about Pasadena. I won't miss the meeting, though.

Bellis said...

It's a pity, I enjoyed watching that little tree changing through the seasons.
I'm sorry not to be able to attend the meeting, but I'm very glad you'll be there.

Anonymous said...

I think you have a job (robota) there.

Anonymous said...

Who can change it but you.

pasadenapio said...

The process is working: community speaks at Hahamongna Advisory Committee meetings, committee sends letter to council, council member agendizes the matter. I hope to see many people there on Monday night!

Sarah said...

You care about it and it is wonderful !

Petrea said...

Yes, PIO, the process is working! We live in a democracy and that's the best we can hope for, even when it doesn't work our way. As long as it works the way the majority wants it to work, then all is as it should be.

Petrea said...

Thank you, Sarah! I hope everyone else who cares will come to the meeting.

Shell Sherree said...

Always sad to lose a healthy tree ~ you never know, it might grow back again! All the very best for the upcoming meeting.

Virginia said...

I got a little tear over your tree.

Petrea said...

Y'all are sweet.

Petrea said...

For those still subscribed to this post:

Update: 5/10/10--
the Pasadena City Council will NOT be discussing soccer fields at Hahamongna tonight as originally planned. The issue is scheduled to be revisited at the Council's June 7th meeting.