Friday, May 21, 2010

Jonesing for a Good Read

I never seem to have my laptop with me when I stop by Jones Coffee Roasters on South Raymond Avenue, so I've never done a Quest-type review of the place. There's a small seating area in the cavernous space, the rest of which seems to be devoted to what the folks at Jones are devoted to doing: roasting great coffee.

My Coffee Shop Quest once had me looking for good places to sit with my laptop and get some work done, but lately I've been working at home. I can't tell you if Jones is a good spot for a laptop or not, but I'll tell you what: pick up a copy of Dianne Emley's new book, Love Kills, when it comes out next Tuesday, May 25th. Then take your book to Jones, buy a cup of coffee, have yourself a sit and enjoy an absorbing read. One of the scenes takes place right at Jones Roasters.

No, it's not the murder scene.

Yes, sweet, pretty Dianne Emley, who comments here on Zen Mondays and is also a blogger, writes sinister crime novels, often with scenes set in Pasadena's gritty underbelly (or lint-filled belly button, as it were).

Dianne will be at Vroman's the evening of May 25th to talk about and sign Love Kills, the fourth Nan Vining thriller. Stop by and say hi. If you buy a copy that evening and mention Pasadena Daily Photo while Dianne's signing your book, she'll send you a free copy of The Deepest Cut, the third book in the Nan Vining series, recently out in paperback.

As I said the other day, I love writers of all kinds. I especially love the wonderful writers I've met here in the San Gabriel Valley. Dianne Emley's been a friend to Pasadena Daily Photo since early on and she's always nice to my readers! Thanks, Dianne.


Dina said...

Does it smell of roast coffee there?

Shell Sherree said...

Those rose spheres are a nice touch, too. Looks nice and cosy and welcoming ~ all good things when hunkering down for a read!

"...lint-filled belly button..." heh heh! Congratulations to Dianne on her newest release, and may the sales be plentiful!

Have a gorgeous weekend, Petrea!

Gunn said...

I can nearly smell the coffee!
Nice photo of a nice place!

pasadenapio said...

I wanr ro see photos of that gritty underbelly!

Geoff said...

I really want to like Jones, but the seating area is sooo unpleasant. It's in a dark nook with rather forlorn tables and chairs. The worst part is they have an office with an interior window that has a noisy air-conditioner that faces out into the seating area. The air-conditioner cools the office and then blows the hot air onto the patrons!

No fun at all . . .

Bellis said...

What a great touch to include the welcome message from their till. Love their coffee but have had trouble finding parking and somewhere to sit at weekends, as it's so popular.

Great news about the book! I've been waiting for the next in the series for ages.

Latino Heritage said...

Love the clarity of the picture, the contrast of the coffee dispensers and the lettering on the cash register, and all that texture. By the way, they sell some great tamales on Fridays, I think.

Petrea said...

It does have that wonderful smell, Dina.

Thank you, Shell!

Thank you, Gunn. You and Dina are thinking along the same lines.

There isn't much grit here compared to other cities, is there, Ann? That's why I mentioned belly button lint. Plus I admit I lead a sheltered life. What grit there is in Pasadena I don't often see. But okay, if you want gritty underbelly I'll see what I can find.

I've never taken the time to sit there, Geoff. But your description tells me they're not interested in catering to the sit-down crowd!

Then Bellis comes along and tells us it's popular on weekends. Where is everyone sitting? Bellis, if you haven't met Dianne you should go to Vroman's Tuesday. I'll bet she'll know you from comments here on Zen Mondays.

I'll bet Friday is the most crowded day, Roberta.

Dianne Emley said...

Terrific photo, Petrea, and thanks for the mention of my book launch next Tuesday, May 25, at Vroman's. There's a reception starting at 6:30 (eats and libations!). Talk and signing at 7:15.

I've bought my coffee at Jones for years and always buy some as gifts when visiting out-of-town friends. When Jones is roasting coffee, you can smell the fabulous aroma down the street.

My scene in LOVE KILLS that's set at Jones (starting on page 180)involves a conversation between my Pasadena Police detective, Nan Vining, and a witness. No murder or violence, just interesting conversation over a cuppa.

Thanks, Petrea, for Pasadena Daily Photo. As you mentioned, I am especially a fan of Zen Monday.

Dianne Emley said...

Oh, and if you can't make it to Vroman's on May 25 for the book launch, you can call them and order a signed copy of LOVE KILLS (or any of my books). The books are also available at your local bookseller or on Amazon:

This concludes my sales pitch!

altadenahiker said...

Best of luck with the book!

Cozy, lovely photo, P.

Petrea said...

Feel free to pitch here, Dianne. I hope you get a good turnout Tuesday. The last one was great.

Merci, beaucoup, Hiker.

J+P said...

Love Kills, coffee thrills ... I'm gonna write a mystery that features a detective named Rose Spheres. Lots of barbed wit & thorny situations as our heroine gets to the root of things in Pasadena's dirty understorey. She & Vining would get along. It would be a real leaf-turner.

OK, now I'm tired,

Cafe Pasadena said...

I love the smell of coffee indie morning... CP

I'll bee sure I mention PDP to DE so I can get my free book! Thanks.

Btw, and if you mention me to DE she'll give you, uh, let's see...a compliment on your blogging tastes.

I have some recent fotos of that gritty underbelly. But I'm feeling tired so now I gotta get myself back into reading shape.

TheChieftess said...

Thanks for the tip about Dianne's books...I'm always looking for a good read, and love when the locations in the book are familiar!!!

-K- said...

I love the smell of coffee stores that roast their own beans. Its hard to believe but in West Hollywood in the pre-Starbuck days there were two roasters and they both had the same country store feel that your photo has.

Petrea said...

Just your garden variety snippet from J+P!

Cafe, I look forward to your gritty photos.

I enjoy reading Pasadena-centric literature too, Chieftess. Does anyone know if Vroman's has a section for it?

K, in a way I like what Starbucks has done--made coffee shops more popular and easier to find--and in a way I don't, because I think they knocked out some of those country store-type roasters. So I miss the good old days, and I don't.

Cafe Pasadena said...

Vroman's does have a Pasadena section. But, as I recall it seems tailored more for de tourist.

Dianne Emley said...

Cafe, I will sing your blogging praises!

Vroman's does not highlight local authors. They have a section of books about the area, but not about local scribes. They are great supporters of local authors. They always keep plenty of my books in stock, so no complaints here!

TheChieftess said...

I don't know if I'll make the Vroman's booksigning, but never fear...I went to the La Canada Flintridge book store on Foothill this afternoon and purchased a copy of the Deepest Cut...they've got a new, big building under construction and I'm going to shamelessly put a plug for a "local authors" section!!!

I mean, c'mon!!! It only makes sense!!!

Petrea said...

That's right, I remember the Pasadena section. And they're very supportive of local authors. I've been to several readings. I'd love a "local authors" section but maybe it's easier said than done. Or a special tag identifying the books throughout the store? I'll just call over there and let them know...

Chieftess, how cool!

Dianne Emley said...

Thanks, Chieftess, for the book sale. Awesome!