Saturday, April 17, 2010

Old Pasadena Vintage

Peering out from under the awning at the Pasadena Christian Center (yesterday's post), take a look across the street. There's a cute, little old building that houses the Old Pasadena Vintage Lighting Company at 2569 Colorado Blvd.

The "about us" link on their site doesn't work but the other links do. They get good reviews on Yahoo. I can tell you a few things about them because I've browsed through the store and even taken photos, though for some reason (certainly not human error) none were good enough to post.

The coolest thing about the business is that Jason can custom make just about any kind of vintage lighting you want. He's been at it for a while, and he's created reproductions for some of Pasadena's well-known structures. And yet the prices are reasonable.

Plus they have unique antiques.
Plus they're nice.
Plus last time I was there a charming little dog was guarding the place with all the ferocity of a bonbon.


I'm sooo looking forward to the end of the recession. I hope I don't have to wait that long to order my custom light fixtures. But I doubt that median will be re-landscaped before then.


Eleonora said...

Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Has that cute, little old building ever been housing a fire station?

Fascinating to read about the dog!

Shell Sherree said...

What a lovely facade! And the little puppy dog sounds like a sweet drawcard.

Anonymous said...

About the non-even-inside shots ... are we talking ghost-errors here too?

Petrea said...

We have lots of little charmers like this building. I'll see if I can get some better shots of it, inside and out.

I don't know what was in there in the early days, anonymous. In the recent past there was something called New Cal Gold (books and mining supplies). I was unlucky in researching history of the building but I'd love to hear anything if you've got it. And no, not ghost errors. No-tripod-no-sunlight errors.

Katie said...

Awesome little building! I'm always surprised to see still-standing old brick buildings in California, so they never fail to thrill. If I had a house, I'd want an "El Rey" front porch light.

HearkenCreative said...

I miss Cal Gold -- the store that used to be there. Not only books and mining supplies, but the only place in Pasadena with a hiking map for any place around here...they even commissioned their own Pasadena city map (it was/is very useful at my house).

Haven't checked out the lighting store; I will have to do that now.

Michael Coppess said...

I've always admired this old building. I checked the city's landmark list and didn't see it. Would be interesting to know the story.

And, yes the folks running the lighting store are great. They used to be on the south side of the street.

Petrea said...

Lots of brick in Pasadena, Katie. That could be one reason I feel so at home here. Brick gives it a Midwestern feel, at least for me.

Hi Hearken, good to see you! I never entered the place when it was Cal-Gold. They may have closed before my time. But what I wouldn't give for a detailed map of our area trails.

I have a list of historic buildings, Michael but it's not on there. I'd like to know, too. I remember when they were across the street. They shared space in one of the antique shops. It was nice but I'm glad they've got their own spot.

Anonymous said...

This is funny....always blame your pets. Is that a safe haven?

P: I’m still interesting in the origin, before the New Cal Gold.

Susan C said...

I didn't realize that they had moved across the street.

Jason paid me for a mica light fixture that I salvaged from my neighbor's trash can. He liked it so much, he said he was going to duplicate it.

mark said...

I love the composition of this photo. It is like you were wearing a ball cap when you took this photo. A visor effect. Nicely done. I must visit that shop someday. I love lighting fixtures that have been created to look like those of a century ago. The craftmanship is a thing of beauty. I could spend a week looking, watching and learning.
This is one of your finest. Bravo!

Petrea said...

I'm interested in the origin too, Anon. There's a building further west on Colorado near Lake, same side of the street, that's similar. Pasadena Star-News has offices there, I think. I wonder if the two were built by the same architect or if there's some kind of other relationship.

Good move, Susan! Sometimes folks don't know what they've got.

Gee thanks, Mark. You're very nice to me, and you're definitely right about Jason's craftsmanship!