Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Market Itself

My old Nissan, fondly nicknamed "the Snot Comet" (don't ask), finally took a nose dive. I am between cars. This temporarily makes me and John a one-car family, which wouldn't be difficult anywhere but here in soCal.

I enjoy a good walk for local errands. We have the ARTS bus for getting around town if I need to go further afield. The Gold Line will be getting us to and from Azusa within a mere four years. (Of course most of my driving takes me in the other direction and public transportation takes a tad less than four years to get me where I need to go, but only a tad.)

John and I have been taking turns with the car. It's working out. (Good thing it's temporary.)


One thing I keep having to miss, schedule-wise, is the Saturday Farmer's Market. This is a horrible, terrible, dire problem. Grocery store fruits and vegetables are not the same. I don't care what store you get them from, they're not as good. We've managed without them, but we suffer. I am not managing, however, without granola from The Sconeage. Lionel's company makes such superb granola that I've become addicted to it. I am miserable without it.

My stash had run out. Last week I was craving my granola and lo and behold! Friend Bellis called from the Farmer's Market and offered to pick up four containers to tide me over! Bless her!

I still owe her five bucks.

Now that I've found The Sconeage website I realize I can order online, but that is beside the point.


Shell Sherree said...

Oh, but I REALLY want to ask!!! I hope Niles doesn't take a leaf out of the Snot Comet's book. He is old but still completely mobile, touch wood.

What a sweetheart, Bellis!

Dina said...

Sorry about your car. Hope you get and enjoy the new one soon.
But pedestrians are the best bloggers, no?

Latino Heritage said...

Carpooling. Let me know. James and I used to go with great regularity. Now he has less of an interest and I prefer to go with someone. Carpooling.

Bellis said...

The granola tastes even better when you get to hear the lovely French accent of the stallholder, so please accept the $5 as downpayment for your new car.

Going to the Farmer's Market at Victory Park always raises my spirits, especially when I see that stunning view of the mountains illuminated by morning sunshine. And those almond-filled chocolate horns sold by the breadman are irresistible.

Petrea said...

Long may Niles roll, Shell. I took good care of the Snot Comet and she served me well until the very last minute, when finally up came one repair that rendered her unsafe and was more expensive than she was worth. And yes, Bellis is a sweetheart!

We venture out to the sales rooms Monday, Dina. You're right, I can't get a single good photo from the car! Walking is the only way to blog.

You're right, Roberta, and I've been doing so much of it I'm afraid I'm going to lose my friends if I don't hurry up and reciprocate.

Lionel is a lovely man, isn't he, Bellis? Très français and tolerant of my clumsy attempts at French. I miss seeing him every Saturday. I also miss Eileen and Marilyn at the fish booth, and all my favorite sellers. The bread guys are especially delightful and would be so, even if the bread wasn't any good (though it is).

J+P said...


(Soft knocks at the door)

PETREA: Who is it?
LIONEL: It's me, Lionel. Open up, man, I got the stuff.

(More knocks)

PETREA: Who is it?
LIONEL: It's me, Lionel, man. Open up, I got the stuff.
LIONEL: It's, Lionel, man. Open up, I think the cops saw me come in here.

(More knocks)

PETREA: Who is it?
LIONEL: It's Lionel, man. Will you open up!? I got the stuff with me.
LIONEL: Lionel, man. Open up.
PETREA: Lionel?
LIONEL: Yeah, Lionel. C'mon, man, open up, I think the cops saw me.
PETREA: Lionel's not here.
LIONEL: No, man, I'm Lionel, man.

(Sharp knocks at the door)

LIONEL: Hey, c'mon, man.


PETREA: Who is it?
LIONEL: It's Lionel, man. Will you open up? I got the stuff with me.
LIONEL: Lionel, man. Open up.
PETREA: Lionel?
LIONEL: Yeah, Lionel.
PETREA: Lionel's not here.
LIONEL: What the hell? No, man, I am Lionel, man. Will you...

(More knocks)

LIONEL: C'mon! Open up the door, will you? I got the stuff with me, I think the cops saw me.
PETREA: Who is it?
LIONEL: Oh, what the hell is it ... c'mon. Open up the door! It's Lionel!
LIONEL: Lionel! L-E-O-N-E-L! Will you open up the goddamn door!
PETREA: Lionel …?
LIONEL: Yeah, Lionel!
PETREA: Lionel?
LIONEL: Right, man. Lionel. Now will you open up the door?


PETREA: Lionel's not here ...

Petrea said...

What is this, Cheech & Chong? We're talking granola here.

Pascal Jim said...

J + P, somehow your script sounds familiar, but equally funny/

A Farmers Market will be coming soon to Robinson Park.
Good for folks who can't get to Victory Park....

lewi14 said...

Very bloomy, I like it!

Lori Lynn said...

Sorry about your car. SoCal is a difficult place to be without one. I'm in Chicago right now, taking cabs everywhere.
Nice market shot!

Katie said...

I used to have a Mercury Comet, but I never called it "the Snot Nissan". Best of luck figuring out the car thing though. Lovely photo of flowers at the market. And how fun to get to practice your French there!

Petrea said...

Pascal Jim, that's good news! Robinson Park is closer for us. Although if Lionel isn't there with his granola, I'll still be making the trip to Victory Park.

Steffen, I like your word, "bloomy!"

Ooh, Lori, I'm a bit envious of you at the moment. I know it's cold in Chicago now but I love running around that city in cabs. I hope you're having a blast. If you see anyone I know say hello!

Hee hee, Katie, I should have called mine the Snoltima. I've stopped practicing my French on Lionel because I wasn't making any progress and it was too embarrassing.

Virginia said...

Oh I hear ya, P. HERE? Good grief, I'd be found petrified in my chair with the clicker clutched in my cold, dead fist while I awaited public transportation here. It's pathetic but luckily my wheels are still working , although I heard a funny squeak when I can down the alley this afternoon.

I love our Pepper Place Market. It's cranking up earlier than ever this year.....April 14.

Good luck and hope you are in the fast lane again very soon.
PS I"m addicted to vanilla yogurt with fruit and homemade granola that I find here. YUM!

Petrea said...

Well, Virginia, the good news is we have public transportation. I lived in Chicago for ten years so I'm spoiled. THAT was public transportation. But the Pasadena service is not bad. And this is not a huge town.
The other good news is I get a new car. The bad news is we were just getting used to not having car payments. C'est la vie.

Latino Heritage said...

Send me a post and we can set up a time to go

Petrea said...

Thanks. If all goes well, by this time next week I'll have wheels.

Ms M said...

Lovely photo! Reminds me of pastels or watercolors.
Hope you've found a new car by now (and one that isn't as "snotty")

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Is he the French guy? Mr V's a fan (and also the bread guy). For the bread guy, Mr V and a group of like wise devotees get there at 6 am and form a line. Mr V brings home some very interesting stories from the people in that line

Petrea said...

Shopped a little today, Ms. M. Nothing yet.

Those bread guys are a hoot, aren't they, PA? I can imagine the line is fun but I'm never there early. I get the leavings. Yes, the French guy, Lionel (pronounced Leeonel).

Amy said...

One car is difficult here indeed. My little car is close to saying the final goodnight, and that will be an interesting day.

I hope you get a new one soon just so you can get to the market. It's a terrible thing to miss!