Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stay In

The sign keeps no one out of nowhere; it's a remnant of the old days, but of which old days I'm not sure.

A skilled rider leads young student riders across the northern part of Hahamongna Watershed Park with NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in the background. I took the photo last Sunday. The ground was wet, but it's practically arid compared to a week or two before when the flood waters rushed through. That could all be changing as you read this because we're expecting more heavy rain this weekend.

It's been a long time since we've had so much rain in such a short period of time.

You know. When it rains, it pours.

Stay cozy.


Dina said...

Look at all those little kids on big horses out in the open! Lucky kids.

Good luck with your rain.
Jerusalem had a big 80 mm in the last day, and roads in Israel's southern desert are closed today because of flooding. We even had hailstorms.
A good time to "stay in."

Mademoiselle Gramophone said...

Mui bueno

Brenda's Arizona said...

Stay dry, too. Rain here in desert AZ again. No complaints, just glad for the water.

Petrea said...

Land stays dry for so long, Dina, it's bound to be a little confused with all that rain. Glad you got some, though, it's about time.

Gracias, sweet-pot.

Hi Brenda! All us desert people hanging together this morning.

Vanda said...

Yeah, those signs only work for cars. Hikers, riders, bicyclist don't pay heed.

Petrea said...

Yeah, Vanda, and the park is closed to cars. The only people who drive out there are Public Works guys in their pick-up trucks, and they have keys to the gate.
The road's washed out, though, so it's all moot.

J+P said...

Odd how that gate is open sometimes—then closed others. Maybe desert ghosts play at night, or coyotes imitate us … like Grendel on his lonely crag, miming poses he spied through the meadhall glass.

Petrea said...

I've never seen it open, but that's never stopped me.

Virginia said...

More rain? For the love!!!

Petrea said...

Hi Virginia--this is actually normal rainfall for our part of California this time of year. It's just that we haven't had a normal amount of rain in so long we're not used to it!

Lori Lynn said...

Seems it never rains in Southern California
Seems I've often heard that kind of talk before
It never rains in California
But girl, don't they warn ya
It pours man it pours

I'll be singing this tune all day. Thanks for the memory.

Amin said...

Good blog

Petrea said...

Maybe I should apologize, Lori Lynn. When I get a song stuck in my head it can torture me. Depends on how bad the song is, I guess.

Welcome, Amin. Thanks for your visit.