Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hens Do Have Teeth

I like the funky outdoor seating at Hen's Teeth Square. On a warm day these stools are taken up by diners munching on chicken and/or tacos. But the weather was chilly the day I took the picture.

For some strange reason I didn't go across the street and get a shot of the whole place. (Maybe I was cold.) But I did go upstairs in the rear building and get this:
It gives you an idea of the setting and architecture of of the place. It's that California Spanish look that so many modern southern California buildings try to emulate. Or imitate. But this is the real thing. If you visited early yesterday you might want to look at yesterday's post again. A couple of commenters offered information that I took the liberty of adding to the post. It turns out Hen's Teeth Square is historically and architecturally significant.

I'll go back and get that full frontal exterior shot ASAP. Hen's Teeth Square warrants it.


Cafe Pasadena said...

The weather was chilly?? Maybe relatively for us here.

But, one day you gotta go out experience the Mid-East, Minnesota, Illinois, to see a full frontal glimpse of what cold weather is like!

One day, P!

Shell Sherree said...

That seating is funky! Are some on an angle? Good for exercising one's bottom cheeks and thighs!

altadenahiker said...

Yes, I remember reading something about this. Maybe Altadena Hist society? Something to do with restoring the buildings to their original look?

Desiree said...

Interesting stuff about a place I normally speed by--

Petrea said...

Cafe, I'm from Illinois. I acclimated to California in a snap. I'm really wimpy.

Maybe they're a bit tipsy, Shell.

Hiker, I was like Bellis and had tried to find information before but to no avail. But unlike you I had only searched online.

Des, a mutual friend of ours, Susan K., once took me to the taco place for lunch. Ever since then the place has endeared itself to me.

Greg Sweet said...

Great photo of hen's teeth here »

Pascal Jim said...

Years ago, The Pasadena Trolley Line ended at Woodbury/Los Robles. The Veterans Hall across the street, a former Safeway Market, a tidy little shopping destination with Hens Teeth at this corner.

Petrea said...

See, Greg? You've proven me right.

Pascal Jim, a small African and Caribbean market has recently opened across the street. I haven't checked it out yet. Wonder if it's good?

Bellis said...

Well......hens have lost their teeth because a gene was silenced at some stage of evolution. But scientists can make this gene active again, and then the hen gets teeth. They're pointy dinosaur-like teeth, though - not the human kind, Greg :).

Did you know that the skin on the lower legs of chickens is the kind of skin dinosaurs had? So respect the chicken - it's a toothless velociraptor.

Love the second photo of the buildings with the mountains behind.

Petrea said...

Bellis, you continue to amaze me.

Bellis said...

That's what 9 years as a writer at Caltech does for you. I learnt so many amazing things there.

Virginia said...

Now I"m hungry for a fish taco!!!

AND OUI, Cafe Marley is IN the Louvre, overlooking la Pyramide. The oh so sad news is that it is trés expensive and M. Virginie will not be buying any damn champagne at their prix!!!! Merde!!V

Petrea said...

Caltech is an amazing place for doing just that, Bellis.

Virginia, I think I'd pay it just once. I want to know what that room was used for originally. I know it sounds crazy but I love imagining what the Louvre looked like when people lived in it, before all the current art was there!

Mademoiselle Gramophone said...

Bellis, you are a gem but Pascal Jim's transportation tidbit has my time travel bloomers in a bunch. Pasadena Trolley? I had heard of the one to Sierra Madre but not this one yet. Oh, the velvety juice of local history; there are always more details to take note of.

Dangling participles,