Saturday, September 12, 2009

Looking Up

You recognize this, don't you?

I think what I'll do here is make a link for those who don't know what it is. Some folks are so familiar with it they don't need a link. Either they're looking at the picture saying, "Don't tell me, don't tell me!" or it's a complete no-brainer.

It's not a contest. It was just fun to take a picture of a cloudy sky today. We have clouds so rarely. The moisture comes in handy when we've still got fire in them thar hills after 17 days. The Station Fire is 81% contained at this writing. A week ago it felt like we'd never see that. Today, things are looking up.


Cafe Pasadena said...

Yeah, I know that place PDP. Looks like you were in the back parking lot.

Where did your friend take you out for coffee & a sandwich the other day? I guess a brunch of actresses love to hang around there.

magiceye said...

looks cool!

Petrea said...

Good morning, Cafe and magiceye. Cafe, I thought of you when posting this because I know you're a regular. Must talk to you about that place. Doesn't surprise me about the performer types, being close to Boston Court.

Our friend took me to Zeli and we sat outside. It was warm and pleasant.

Thank you, magiceye. Speaking of which, I must stop by your place and see what you're up to, which is always something cool.

Desiree said...

im, er, huh--next time I go to Europane remind me to look up--

Bellis said...

I'm glad you gave us the link as I wouldn't have had a clue. Too busy thinking about the cake I'm going to choose.

P/T Cook said...

Looks like a lot of places to eat in that building. But, the only special place is the euro pane bakery.
Did you get dizzy?

Petrea said...

Des, I like looking up at that thing either from the front or the back.

Bellis, it doesn't matter, they're all good.

P/T Cook: I had the egg salad.

Ms M said...

Really like your photo with the geometric shapes. And glad you had a nice lunch :)

Dina said...

I love all your philosophising in past posts.
I've been away several days housesitting my nun friend's Crusader house. Yesterday fire consumed acres of trees in my favorite forest, 4 minutes walk from here. I thought of you, and California.
The loss was of trees and beehives and electricity.
So sad.

Petrea said...

Thank you, Ms. M. They've got a remarkable egg salad sandwich at Euro Pane.

Dina, I left a note on your post. It looks like a heartbreaking fire. Shocking that you were so close to it. Please be careful. Is your woods a tinderbox like ours (was)? I hope your home and that historic Crusader house are safe from future fires.

Cafe Observer said...

That world famous Egg Salad Sandwich may soon appear on some food network show...

And, that's not even my own personal fav thing to get there.

Trish said...

Many, MANY years ago, there was a TAM's there---back when the earth was cooling. TAM's was a copy center---used to have one on Lake for many years.

In more recent ancient history, there was an empty parking lot we used to park in when we went to Toes Tavern, back when it backed a multi-plex theater complex and we didn't want to hassle with parking restrictions due to the Ice House issues.

Ah yes, things change.

Pretty pic and yes, clouds are nice, especially when they help defend against the fire. Our only problem at the moment are the lightning fires the clouds have brought.

Petrea said...

Ah yes, things change. I do like the stories of the old days, though.