Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Who needs Hollywood? All that beating of one's head against Hollywood's brick wall is unnecessary when our very own KPAS has a green screen (aka Chroma key) studio. (If you don't know what it is and you'd rather not read the Wikipedia article, just click here for a quick visual to give you an idea of how green screen can be used.)

I met some nice people over at Hen's Teeth Square where the studios are located. Linda Centell, Pasadena's Assistant Public Information Officer, introduced me to everybody (and she knows everybody):
E. Stuart Johnson, Live Production Coordinator, recorded and videotaped me in the sound booth. (It's strange to watch myself doing voice-over on video.)
Later, Aaron Wheeler, the Marketing & Communications Manager, was helping set up in the green screen studio while I nosed around with my camera.
Don Repella, the Executive Director of Pasadena Community Access Corporation, talked about how green screen is used. Plus we got to talking about photography.
Community Outreach Coordinator Michele Maglionico Lembo demonstrated how to break the rules.

Now I know that KPAS and PCN are two different entities. Linda told me PCAC is public access and KPAS is government access, but is PCAC the same as PCN? And what does KLRN have to do with it? And why is it when I click on the "How Can You Create Your Own Show" link on the PCN website I get nowhere? What are they trying to tell me?

Ah, just banging my head against a bright green brick wall.


Shell Sherree said...

Say, did she walk on the green?

Bellis said...

Love the title!

Desiree said...

Do they need content? Bloggers discussing: their photos, their hikes, goddesses and recipes?

Vanda said...

But, but, but... I want to walk on green!

Margaret said...

It's very Emerald city, isn't is?

J+P said...

The cost of walking on the green will make them see red, and me blue. So I'm yellow, but I'm in the pink—& stay in the black.


Petrea said...

She darn well did, Shell, I have the evidence.

Merci, Bellis. Hey--I still have your book. Get back to town.

Desiree, I believe they do. It's community access after all. You'd do a hell of a cooking show! WCGB spoke of doing a program there but I don't know if she ever did. But you may have to call; I can't get that link to work.

Maybe in clean socks, Vanda.
I once did a green screen commercial. Some of my very worst work if I do say so myself.

Petrea said...

I crossed Margaret and J+P in the ether.

Margaret, if I'd lit the photo to get rid of shadows you wouldn't know where the floor ended and the wall began. Michele would look like she's floating in space. Green screen is very cool like that.

J, I'm not sure I can allow such colorful language on the blog.

altadenahiker said...

I like the idea of a bloggers hour. And with Dez there, that means we could eat afterwards.

Greg Sweet said...


Katie said...

I wonder if anyone at work would mind if I turned my cubicle into a green zone where I could project images to make me feel like I'm in a French cafe, or on a patio looking out at the English countryside, or basically anywhere that's not my cubicle.

Petrea said...

Hiker, you and I could co-host the Bloggers Hour. You know, with wit and wisdom and stuff. "Back to you, Karin."

Ha ha, Greg, I like that.

Katie, that's the best use of green screen that I can imagine.

S.W. and Company said...

She's on the green! *gasp*