Friday, August 28, 2009

Heritage Square: Past, Present, Future

I wish I could tell you the name of the photographer who took this shot. The photo is courtesy of Heritage Square Museum and was probably taken in 1968 or 69. Pictured are the Castle and the Salt Box, two historical structures from Bunker Hill that were saved from demolition only to be burned by vandals in the early days of Heritage Square. The building in the background is the Union Bank Plaza.

It might have been an inauspicious beginning. But Heritage Square Museum has survived and thrived, and is now the location of eight historic structures. I've featured a few this week, but let's leave some to the imagination. It's more fun to see the place for yourself.

When you go, you'll visit the gorgeously renovated, completely furnished, Victorian Hale House.

You'll tour the John Ford House, made remarkable by the fact that every bit of the distinct carving, inside and out, was done by Ford's own hand.

You'll see inside the Perry Mansion. You'll see the outside, too. It's all a treat—literally—it's a big old birthday cake of a house.

(Photo courtesy of Heritage Square Museum. If you'd like to be a costumed docent, keep reading.)
All the while, let your costumed docent tell you about the little things, like where they found the carved Newel post, or the pieces of lost trim, or the research into the original wallpaper. Ask what they're doing with all those Victorian fire engines. Is that real hair inside that frame? How do you move a building? And why is there a bathtub on the lawn?

Et cetera.

Be sure to ask what's coming up, because as much as Heritage Square Museum looks to our past it also has big plans for the future. There's room on the property for expansion, and those docents will tell you there's more to come.

(I posted some photos of yesterday's smoke plume from La Canada Flintridge on Overdog. If I get more shots today I'll add them.)


Desiree said...

Great fun---

Eamon said...

That top shot really is something, eh? Let's hope we all capture an image or two that will have some meaning in the future.

Italo said...


Katie said...

What a shame that the castle and salt box were destroyed by vandals. Not a good beginning at all for Heritage Square, but I'm so pleased they kept the plan moving forward. I can't wait to come for a visit. And I have a new career aspiration: costumed docent!

Brian Sheridan said...

We have the last docent training class tomorrow if you really are interested. Just call 323-225-2700 ext. 224 and tell Jessica you are interested!

Petrea said...

Thanks, Des.

Well put, Eamon. Something to aspire to.

I know, Italo! Amazing, isn't it?

Katie, it's a little like acting in a period piece, except there's a lot of improv.

Brian, I'll add that number to the body of the post for those who don't read comments. Thanks.

Andreea said...

The top picture would make a good candidate for a CDP theme day titled "Contrasts".

pasadenapio said...

I'm eager to get there!

Cafe Pasadena said...

I can picture in the role of a costumed docent.