Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Heritage Square: Idyll Worship

This building may seem familiar to Pasadena residents as the Lincoln Avenue Methodist Church. Of course if you know Lincoln Avenue you know it's no longer there. The church is now a denizen of Heritage Square Museum in Montecito Heights. And it's okay that the stained glass window is covered in this photo because--well, keep reading.
The cornerstone of the Lincoln Avenue Methodist Church was laid in 1897 and the church opened for services in April of 1898. Information about the architecture is at the museum's website. The church was moved to Heritage Square in 1981 to make way for a modern post office at Lincoln and Orange Grove.
Now do you remember?

(If you go a couple of blocks south of the post office to the very end of Lincoln Avenue where it meets the 210 freeway, you'll see a couple of older properties. If you squint a bit and shut the freeway noise from your ears, you can get an idea of what that part of Pasadena was like a hundred years ago when the church was new.)

In yesterday's post about Heritage Square Museum I said you can tour almost all of the buildings there. You can't go inside the Lincoln Avenue Church just yet because there are funds to be raised and work to be done to restore it. A building has to be taken apart to move it, and although the church is back in one piece you can see from the ceiling there's still much to be done. You can even make a donation to the museum to help in the effort.
Brian Sheridan, Director of Development and Communications for the museum, told me the church windows will have to be replaced. The current windows aren't the originals. They're temporaries that were put in by a Hollywood production company when the church was used for a movie set.

Do you believe I was so star-struck by Heritage Square itself I didn't think to ask which movie?

12:50 PM
Brian just sent me this photo of an original window. What do you think? Worth restoring, eh?


Dina said...

Love your title!

Italo said...

Petrea, Pasadena is an enchanting place!

Petrea said...

Thanks, you two.

Italo, I'm enchanted by Pasadena (and in this case, Montecito Heights, which is about 4 miles away). Maybe I should show pictures of the ugly parts. But I usually show you the pretty parts.

Margaret said...

I've never made it over to Heritage Square, but it always looks so interesting. I'll have to visit.

cieldequimper said...

Lovely church and interesting post.

Cafe Observer said...

I've only passed by Heritage Sq.
I can understand why Marg hasn't been to HSq - it's a day long trip for her from SoPasa.

Petrea said...

Brian just sent me a photo of one of the original windows so I updated the post with it.

Bellis said...

Ooooh, the original window is so much more beautiful than the Hollywood one. Thanks, Brian.

Katie said...

I'm not a religious person, but I sure love the architecture of the Lincoln Avenue Methodist Church. And most definitely that gorgeous window is worth restoring! It has a strangely art deco-ish look that is really appealing. (Oh and I have confirmation that the Heritage Squre double-date is a go Petrea.)

Laura said...

Yes, That window is worth restoring. Absolutely! That is beautiful!

Laura Goff Parham
State of the Art, Inc.
Stained Glass Studio

Petrea said...

It is all squiggly and lovely, isn't it, Bellis?

Whoopee, Katie! I'll start putting together a list of architectural treasures for us to visit. Wait. No. Maybe you'll want to do other things.

Hi Laura! I have a feeling you speak with some authority on this subject.

Brian Sheridan said...

All we need now is a little $$ and / or very gernous in-kind gifts from some skilled artisans. Hint. Hint.

J+P said...

I'm in for $5.

Petrea said...

J, the five bucks is a very nice offer. But Brian might have been hinting to the state-of-the-art stained glass genius. Just guessing.