Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bridge Benefits

Every year--except this year--Pasadena Heritage holds a fund-raising party on the Colorado Street Bridge. But due to the "challenging economic times," this year's party had to be canceled.

That doesn't mean you can't celebrate the bridge, and raise funds for Pasadena Heritage as well.

Today is Bridge Benefit Day at these local eateries who support Pasadena Heritage:
Big Mama's Rib Shack
Los Tacos
Cha Da Thai
Robin's Restaurant
Chandra Thai

Can't spare the bucks to eat out tonight? A walk in Lower Arroyo Park is free.


Dina said...

Your blog itself is a bridging ministry.

Shell Sherree said...

Beautifully said, Dina!

Turquoise Diaries said...

I love the bridge..

Lenora Regan - said...

It is wonderful that you posted this! Preservation!!

Cafe Pasadena said...

Due to budget restraints & lack of funds, no fund-raising bridge party will be held this year.

I can recommend Big Mama's, Los Tacos, and Robins BBQ. Come to think of it, I can also eat these too.

Petrea said...

Ha! Dina, you are welcome to come here and pay me a compliment every day. Thank you. I feel the same about Jerusalem Hills Daily Photo.

Same to you, Shell, and I love Shell Sherree.

Turquoise Diaries, your blog is fabulous, too!

Hi Loenora, thank you. See, a lot of great bloggers.

Cafe, you made me laugh. Your blog is wonderful too, though I apologize because I haven't been there lately. I'll go catch up today. So many blogs, so little time!

Cafe Pasadena said...
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Cafe Pasadena said...

P, one can never catch up.

I know wat u mean about so many foods, I mean Blogs, so little time! But, I know I can depend upon you, P, to check in at my Cafe whenever you're hungry for something substantial & made with TLC.

I try to prioritize my visits/comments to those good loco blogs who are relatively new, and those who hardly receive any comments.

P, see you around again before the holidays, or another blogger get to get her.

Katie said...

I do so like the curves on this bridge, and you do such a great job of capturing all the different angles. I could pop down for some ribs to help preserve it, I would!

Bellis said...

The Bridge Party is the highlight of our summer in Pasadena, so it's a shame it was canceled. We love dancing to Snotty Scotty and the Hankies under the stars while drinking Craftsman ales, and my husband (who resists my attempts to buy him clothes) always bought the latest Pasadena Heritage T shirt - what will he do now??? Does anyone know if Scottie and the Hankies are playing anywhere tonight?

Petrea said...

That's very generous of you, Cafe.

Wish you could come, Katie!

Bellis, I did a google search for Snotty, etc. Their Myspace page hasn't been updated since February, but they do have an album.
On DooDah Records, no less.

Escapist said...

Love :-)


P.S:- bridge is beauiful

Bellis said...

Petrea, Thanks so much for the link to the Snotty Scotty album! It's really put me in the mood. Must download it onto my iPhone, head for the bridge and start dancing (while avoiding the cars and buses).

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice this bridge is used in the Lexus ad currently on? It's the new IS300 convertible, a woman is walking on the bridge and gets into a car driven by a man.

Petrea said...

Escapist, always good to see you.

Stay on the pedestrian walkway, Bellis. You can even dance on the benches by the lamps. Plenty of space.

I haven't seen it nicknpas, but I'll watch for it. Hmm. A woman gets into a car driven by a man. What a novel concept for selling cars.

Bellis said...

Here's the link:

What's the story? Did the blond catch the other woman cavorting with her husband in one of those San Rafael mansions? Is this a new Dianne Emley thriller?

Margaret said...

Doh! I checked in a little too late this time.

Sarah said...

Hmmm. a great bridge. I love the bridges. In my professional life, I wrote an article about Iranian historical bridge. Now your today's post reminds me to translate it in English and use it on the blog! ;)
By the way, I saw your personal web, it was very nice as much as your life story is!

Petrea said...

Bellis, that's our bridge all right. I must change my sarcastic tune, that's a fun ad. It's vague enough that you can make up your own story. Could be an Emley thriller. That blonde looks determined.

Doh! A walk under the bridge tomorrow perhaps, Margaret? It's shady if you go north.

Thank you, Sarah.
I'd love to see photos of your local bridges with your commentary, especially with your background in architecture.

from cali said...

At least this isn't a bridge to nowhere! ;)
Pity about the party being canceled.

munkihaid said...

Hello. . .
As a member of the aforementioned SS&TH, I am gratified to know that not only the event, but our participation is missed. It remains one of the highlights of our calendar and the news of its cancellation was quite disappointing. Not only do we love the venue and our fans, but we garner many of our bookings from this event. Given the current economic situation, we have become reacquainted with the classic 'starving artist' cliche'. However, we will be performing on Saturday, Aug 8 at the Buccaneer Lounge in Sierra Madre (subject to change, so please call the Bucc to confirm). Rest assured that we remain an ongoing concern and look forward to regaining our rightful place as the Original Icons of the Pasadena music scene.

Best Regards,

Snotty Scotty & The Hankies

Petrea said...

munkihaid, I'm thrilled to have a celebrity of your stature comment on the blog. I get you on the starving artist bit--I think even artists are beginning to understand how that feels. Thanks for checking in, and I hope lots of people show up for the Buccaneer Lounge gig on August 8th.