Friday, March 13, 2009

Home Shopping, If You're Not Superstitious

Hey, it's Friday the 13th (again)! I wonder what that does to home sales, even in a bull market. I suppose if you're superstitious you just wait a day.

But when it's the home of your dreams you kinda want to jump on it, don't you?

Take this snappy little number. It's been more than a week since I went by there. It might already be gone.

Click on the little pic below for info if your heart's aflutter.


Anonymous said...

Am guessingthe 13th thing might be an improvement!!!!!

But it is probably in our price range!!

USelaine said...

It needs ... love. Love is all it needs.

Dina said...

Think I'll pass on this house, thanks.
Happy Friday. For us it's not the 13th but the 17th, of Adar.

Shell Sherree said...

Aww, someone ate all the gingerbread off it.

Laurie said...

And to think... this place would have listed for $650K in 2005!

Ted Thompson said...

Ahh... a little paint

a little more paint

paint the windows

it can be like... it was just painted.

altadenahiker said...

Laurie ain't kidding. Give me the address -- vanda and I want to break and enter.


Petrea said...

Hahaha, anon!

Elaine, I see you've never renovated a home.

Dina, you're right, I'm sticking with you and I'll be speaking Hebrew in no time!

Sorry Shell Sherree, I had a voracious hunger.

Laurie, so true. After a bidding war, no less.

Ted, I'm glad you see the potential.

Just don't tell 'em I sent you, Hiker.

Katie said...

I'm afraid this place would be the perfect candidate for a childhood game we played in the car when on road trips called "That's your house!" The grass is a pretty shade of green though.

elizabeth said...

It's got some nice trees, and it looks like it was a nice little place... too bad it's been let run down.

What about just leaving it so the neighborhood kids can have a creepy old house to be scared of?

Margaret said...

I like Elizabeth's idea, but I think you must go farther. I think you must spread stories that it is haunted, then it will really be good for Friday the 13th.

Trish said...

for cryin' out loud...I was anon at that ungodly hour this morning. I was still up, figured I'd cruise by and check out what you had posted for Friday the 13th. Apparently my silly crackberry won't allow me to post my REAL name...ain't technology grand!

Dina--you're right, not a concern for members of the tribe---then again, most of us are still recovering from Monday night! A belated Chag Purim!

In my neighborhood, we'd call this a "knockdown". Forget the gentleness of "tear down". A huff and a puff and it'd fall over most likely.

I think Elizabeth and Margaret's idea of scaring the beetles out of kids is worth some thought. It'll make the kids go outside (a plus), look at the world around them (a plus) and have some healthy fear of something (a plus)!

Virginia said...

Where is "Curb Appeal" when you need 'em? Get the hedgeclippers, quick!

Vanda said...

"Handyman's Dream"

Petrea said...

A haunted house is one of the treasures of childhood. I remember one on the outskirts of our town. When we were old enough to drive there, my friends and I went at night. It was sort of a date - two boys, two girls. The four of us crept toward the house, as close as we could stand to get. Then I don't remember what happened. A noise. A door moved. Something. We all ran, piled into the car in terror and drove away as fast as we could.

Later I had to explain to my father the large tennis shoe footprint on the car ceiling, which had nothing to do with "going parking."

Ms M said...

There used to be "haunted farm houses" in the rural area where I grew up, and we were like Petrea and her friends, going to "explore", hand in hand, then at the first strange noise running like h311 back to the cars, laughing hysterically.

Petrea said...

Oh yes Ms. Ms, the hysterical laughter! I'd forgotten. Best part.