Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bloggers Rock

Yesterday's San Gabriel Valley Blogger potluck was a success! Not that I'm the least bit surprised, considering the people involved.

Organized by Timothy Rutt of Altadenablog, Karin Bugge the Altadenahiker, Susan C. of Open Mouth, Insert Fork and Cancer Banter, and Debi of Altadena Daily Photo and Altadena Above It All, the potluck attracted many interesting dishes, including this giant cookie contributed by Michelle Mills, a.k.a. Mickie, who blogs at Diary of a Doo Dah Queen and Mickie's Zoo. Here, Mickie and her cookie pose with Timothy.

Mickie said she had to spell the word "blogger" for the cookie decorator, who had never heard of a blogger.

Kelly of West Coast Grrlie Blather wondered aloud if any of us had encountered, uh, disrespectful reactions when people found out we were bloggers. If I've gotten those reactions I was ignorant of them (blissfully so). And speaking of ignorance, someone who disdains people because they blog surely doesn't understand what blogging is in the first place.

I've found the San Gabriel Valley blogging community to be fascinating, diverse and welcoming. I've found the global blogging community to be all of the above as well. Blogging has opened up my world in ways I never knew possible. What are your thoughts about blogging?

Here's Kathy's post about the potluck at the KCHblog. I'll add more links as I find them.
Tim posted a video, apparently shot while I was in the bathroom.
A lot of fun shots at Cafe Pasadena, including Boz's glamor pic.
Altadena Hiker has added another photo.
This just in: Pasadena PIO's post.


Cafe Pasadena said...

Oh, the 2008 DDP Queen baked that?! It looked really tasty in person. XXce!!ant shot.

There was so much food and I, unfortunately bcuz I had to leave at halftime, tasted little of it. But, there were still other K9's there to be sure none went to waste.

Bibi said...

What a great idea. Not only is blogging a wonderful way to meet people all over the globe, this brings them really together!

Laurie said...

Sounds like I missed a great gathering. I'm bummed we couldn't make it.

Jilly said...

Sounds like you had the best time. Blogging rocks - too right!

Through blogging, we give and get encouragement, praise at times, sympathy at others and real friendship too.

cieldequimper said...

Wow, a great cookie! It's good to hear of such events.

Virginia said...

Blogging Rocks. Look at all the crazy friends I have now, not just in B'ham but around the world. Lord have mercy!

We need more photos too Petrea. Did Boz get to go? What about my soon to be adopted "son" Albert? I hope KB sends him by Greyhound -HAR!

Mister Earl said...

Sorry I couldn't make it, but you guys missed the great snowfall yesterday afternoon here in Kansas City. Huge snowflakes, some the size of a cherry tomato. And you missed the car sliding all over the street as we climbed the short hill back to the house!

I loved looking at the sign-in board and the cookie. Anymore photos of the picnic?

ben wideman said...

Another great picnic that was missed by me! Oh man - I'll get to another one someday I'm sure.

Looks like a fun time.

Desiree said...

Yee haw! Great post, great goodies to munch on--

Kathy H said...

What a great picture!! Thanks, Petrea! It was great to see you and all the others yesterday. Thanks again for getting Ricky some water, and to Boz for being so patient.

marley said...

Great fun! Cool cookie too!

Petrea said...

I believe Queen Mickie got the cookie at a baker, Cafe. That's why she had to tell them how to spell "blogger." Sorry you had to leave so quick, but your post about the potluck is excellent. Click over to Cafe Pasadena for a look at the Oreo cookies PJ from Pensacola financed for the party.

I've added links to the post so you can click on Tim's blog now for a video, and Cafe posted a lot of shots. Yes, Virginia, Boz got to go and he was a very good boy. Apparently Albert had other plans and couldn't make it.

Earl, gosh, I'm really sorry I missed that snowfall.

It was fun, and those of you who weren't there were definitely missed.

Christina said...

I wish I could have made it yesterday, but hopefully we'll be able to have another one soon.

Blogging has been an amazing gift to me; through it I've made genuine friends in the far corners of the world, I've had the opportunity to continue to work on my writing, and I've learned to much about how to communicate. No one has ever teased me about blogging. In fact, when I tell people about my blog, people seem to be truly curious.

This is a great conversation starter.

Altadenablogmaster said...

and thank you, Petrea, for including my banner in the background!

What a great group of people and a groaning board of good food! Susan C. said it went on until 6, two hours past the official finish time! I really think we Altadenoids need to sponsor this every spring!

As far as blogging goes -- usually people don't know what it is and you have to explain it. Of those who do know, nobody's treated me with disdain (altho' a surprising number of people who attended the potluck had NEVER READ MY BLOG! a situation I hope they'll rectify soon!) In fact, as the de facto Altadena newspaper, I get a great deal of help & cooperation from the library, chamber, sheriff dept., town council, etc. I get invited to meetings and people ask me for advice. I may not have the experience of making friends around the globe, but I know my community a lot better and am feeling useful. And I get to go to great parties!

Cafe Pasadena said...

Blog Master TR, at least every spring! And, in btween you can give us guided tours. You & your female companions make a great team.

Keep it up. Good work!

bandit said...

Damn, girl! I haven't visited for so long and only to discover how busy you've been. A pleasant surprise.

Why'd I stop?...oh, yeah, the picnic! A great success-hey!
I'll be back!


bandit said...

Geez! Now I remember...I thought it was great the baker couldn't spell blogger. Old school, baby!

Petrea said...

I would have loved to have met you, Christina. Next time. It sounds like your blogging experience has been similar to mine.

John, Boz and I were there until nearly 6, Tim. Hard to tear ourselves away! (I've gotten to know my town better, too.)

No kidding, bandit. Old school. We should send you a blogger cookie or an oreo so you won't have to eat any more drywall.

Mickie said...

Kudos to the hosts of the Blogger potluck~ it was definitely the party of the year! On a side note, the cookie came from Albertsons. I love sharing them with friends - old and new! Thank you for a wonderful time.

Petrea said...

Mickie, the cookie was a great idea. It was wonderful to see you again.

Petrea said...

I just posted a link in this post to more photos from the Pasadena PIO.

Skrip said...

I wanted to go so bad but it just coincided with a planned out of town trip. Im glad to hear it was great!