Sunday, January 11, 2009

Live Jazz

It's a place I haven't tried yet - Red White & Bluezz on the corner of Raymond and Green. I've got no excuse, it's been there long enough for me to have made a visit. My neighbor Bill even works there and he's about had it with me. Apparently I need to get on down.

The reviews on are mixed, but they mostly lean toward pretty darn good. What do you think? Anybody been there? Tell me if Bill works in a nice club where a lady might appear without damaging her reputation, or if he's just trying to get me to lose my money in some lousy gin joint.

Apropos of nothing, John and I left town during the Rose Bowl festivities. The pics are up at Overdog.


Cafe Observer said...

This joint won't be cheap but you can afford it, P.

It's in the tourist part of Pasadena so I try to avoid going out to them there parts-unless enuf people give me reason to.

(See if they have free wi-fi, w/o any background music, with a pleasant environment to work/study!!) said...

Funny you ask, I just walked by the place tonite on my way to the art supply place (which is not as good as it once was before this Blick place bought them out). Live jazz sounded great, lots of people in there too. I guess i have no choice but to try it out one of these days now that Gordon Biersch is gone.

Laurie said...

Incredible jazz. You just might happen upon one of the greats sitting in with whatever band is playing. Just be sure to sit back in the actual jazz club, not up front in the wine bar. There are two different parts. I LOVE this place. The club's walls are a dark indigo with great black and white photos of musicians and a beautiful mural. The stage is tiny and the place gets LOUD, so don't plan on discussing current economic theory in hushed tones. The food is typical California cuisine, with a decent wine list and some fun cheese plates. (Oh, and they make a truly bizarre watermelon and goat cheese salad that is darned tasty.) I have heard the jazz brunch is fun. YOu can bring your dog, I believe, if you sit outside.

Stop by my blog Miss P... I have a challenge for you!

Petrea said...

I think they have music all the time, C.O.! Not a quiet place for study.

1916, I'm glad to hear the joint was jumpin'. I never went to Gordon Biersch either. You could say I don't get out much.

Laurie, that's an endorsement! I wonder if Boz likes jazz. I have no idea. But I love knowing about places I can take him. He's extremely well-behaved.

Destitute Rebel said...

This looks like a lovely place and Jazz, I think you should give it a go!

Jeff said...

Cheap it is not, but worth the price. The chef is super-young (24?) and comes up with some interesting but really tasty food combinations. I had venison and my wife had duck. The meat was perfect, but the sauce really made the dish.

I personally think that it is one of the better wine lists in Pasadena. Russ is the somm there and has always been helpful to me in picking great pairings. He'll make suggestions and let you chose or, if you ask, go into a more in-depth discussion of why he suggested what he suggested. And he usually doesn't point you right to the most expensive bottle.

You really do need to check this place out.

Bernie K. said...

More from Jeff, please. I'm hungry . . . and sober.

Tash said...

Is the name great or what?
Bluezz - it's got 3 interpretations. Amazingly clever.
So...gotta time for blogging...gotta go read First Cut. I didn't know the bridge had that history associated with it. But I suppose most nice bridges must.

Bernie K. said...

I blew this one up and saw the guy lighting his cigarette, to the left. It's like he's a private dick, keeping tabs on the couple at the table. They're on Raymond St—could the cross-street be Chandler, perhaps …?

"Even on Central Avenue, not the quietest dressed street in the world, he looked about as inconspicuous as a tarantula on a slice of angel food."
(Farewell, My Lovely, ch. 1)

Petrea said...

Glad you're doing the contest, Tash. Yeah, I love the name of the club, too.

Jeff, thanks for your vote on this place, you sound like an expert. I'll grab John and we'll make it our destination next time we want a night out. It sounds great the way you and Laurie tell it.

I'll report back so you can hear about it, DR and Bernie!

Petrea said...

Bernie, thanks for noticing. That's what I like about the photo - the smoker lurking in the shadows.

Mister Earl said...

He's about to kidnap the woman on the cell phone.