Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Cut Contest: Page ?

With a screech of tires, a sports car, low to the ground and fire engine red, rounded a curve in the driveway and sped into view. The convertible top was down and the driver, wearing huge Jackie O sunglasses, the tails of the long scarf tied over her head flapping in the wind, looked as if she had no intention of stopping at the now-open gate.

Vining froze...

So goes a passage from Dianne Emley's crime thriller The First Cut. I'm not going to tell you on what page it appears because Diane's having a contest with her mailing list. It just so happens that a driveway like this one figures in the book and in one of Dianne's contest questions. So in case anyone from that mailing list is looking for cheap clues here, well, all I can say is,, thanks for stopping by!

Here are the rules
of the Pasadena Daily Photo First Cut Contest.
Here are the questions.

The first entry arrived last night with all correct answers! You may remember three winners will be drawn from the correct entries, so send 'em on in. I haven't decided who'll draw the winners if we have more than three correct entries. Maybe Boz. He's impartial. But I'm open to your suggestions.

There's one week to go. I'm still taking requests for photos of Pasadena locations in the book. Send your request in an email or in the comments (include the page number, please).

I'm privileged to be featuring Dianne Emley. She's been most gracious and helpful. She's so lovely you'd never know such a dark, spine-tingling story could come out of her! But tingling and dark it is.

Pasadena is full of artists of all types: painters, photographers, writers, musicians, actors, dancers, singers and variations of all those. I hope to feature many more here on PDP.


Christie said...

What an interesting driveway! It makes you want to drive up it to find out what is at the end. I wouldn't want to invade someone's privacy, but it is cool.

Dianne Emley said...

Great photo, Petrea! That does look like that particular character's driveway.

Thanks for the kind words. I don't know where the dark ideas come from either, but there you are.

Trish said...

Looks like the old Pegfair Estate driveway in Linda Vista...but was not able to open up the pic and take a closer look to be sure.

My Grammie and I used to walk past here while touring the neighborhood when I was a child.

I've not been able to read the book due to time and energy levels---but it is on the pile ready to read...I suspect I'll recognize a lot of the places mentioned.

Bernie K. said...

I know exactly where that passage was. When I get home from work I'll prove it. I think.

Petrea said...

Pretty, isn't it, Christie? This is in Linda Vista, you are correct, Trish. I always blur addresses for the sake of privacy. But it's a lovely neighborhood for strolling in and dreaming of mansion living.

Dianne, I looked for bamboo but couldn't find any! I settled for something like cobblestones! And you are welcome. Thank you for your kindness and help.

Pegfair. Trish, I should have known these places have names. John and I have named our estate the "Maison d'Ebt."

Okay, Bernie. Please don't post it in comments and give it away.

altadenahiker said...

Don't we all walk down these streets (San Rafael, perhaps) and wonder what goes on down that long driveway. Unless one lives down that long driveway, of course, and misses all the fun of speculation.

Trish said...

ROTFLMAO Petrea---Maison d'Ebt! I love it!

I have heard all sorts of rumors about the estate...but none ever confirmed. Then again, people would get it confused with Mary Pickford...and well, there you have it.

Some of those long driveways AltH---are the same as yours, they just cost a LOT more. The grass is always greener in someone else's yard it seems.

Christie said...

Maison d'Ebt! I love it! We have always named our houses as well. Our first house was Sweetbrook Cottage, as it was quite small. Our house now is Claddaugh House, and we have a Claddaugh hanging in the living room. (in case you don't know what a Irish claddaugh is, it is a pair of hands holding a heart topped by a crown. It stands for Love, Loyalty, and Friendship.)

Petrea, thank you for your kind comments!