Saturday, December 27, 2008

This Contest Can Be Won

Pasadena's police headquarters is a dramatic building, with high arches and fancy scroll work that would fit right in on the Walt Disney Studios lot. But there's no funny business here. Whether you like the Pasadena cops or not, they're serious about what they do. Mess with the law in Pasadena and they don't just send a squad car, they send helicopters.

Call it overkill, but it seems to be working. I was able to find a few statistics on the web that show a dramatic drop in crime in Pasadena from 2005 to 2006. I'd like to know how we've been doing since then but wasn't able to find statistics for 2007. Could be it takes a while to compile them. PIO? Anyone?*

Pasadena's finest are featured along with their headquarters in The First Cut, a novel by Pasadena novelist and crime writer Dianne Emley. I introduced the soft-looking but tough-as-nails author here on PDP November 1st. Emley's Nan Vining Trilogy is finished. The First Cut comes out in paperback December 30th, to be followed in rapid succession by Cut to the Quick and The Deepest Cut.

So heads up, book lovers, especially those who love a scary, gritty, down and dirty read. Get ready to get your copy of The First Cut, because we're going to have a contest here on Pasadena Daily Photo. Watch for the official announcement here on December 30th.

*Vanda contributed three crime maps including this one from, with a 2008 copyright on it. (Click her links in the comments.)

There's now an ongoing art exhibit in the lobby of the building.

A .pdf about the building's design and architects here.


Laurie said...

How fun! (I want to know about book signings, too!)

Vanda said...

Did look here? There are some nifty maps over here and here. Stalking real estate leads you down on strang paths.

Jilly said...

That's an impressive and beautiful building for a cop shop.

Petrea said...

I'll tell you all about it on the 30th, Laurie. Plus you can always check Dianne's website (click on her name in the post).

Vanda, those are great! I swear, my search string lingo has got to come up a notch if I'm ever going to learn how to use this computer thingy. Mind if I update the post to add your Pasadena map?

Yes Jilly, it's part of our Civic Center, across from City Hall and the Library. A pretty area.

altadenahiker said...

Great idea!

sarah-jane said...

my comment has nothing to do with your post... you said on your profile that you are a loner who loves people - that is so how i feel!!! i've checked our your blog b4 and thought to comment, but all i have to say is i hear you girl! i hear you... sj

Virginia said...

Go figure, an art exhibit at the pokey, I mean Pasadena Police Headquarters.I would imagine some of the "guests" would rather spend 10 years of hard time rather than have to look seriously at an art exhibit. Well aren't I "Little MIss Positive" today!
Great post today Petrea and the building is a knockout.

Vanda said...

Those big curly things on the roof look like giant bookends.

USelaine said...

I love the architecture, shy away from gritty crimes.

Miss Havisham's Tea Party said...

mmm...yes. The HELICOPTER! "Jesus in the sky!" exclaimed a bloggy sister recently.

I have always held the deepest respect for our local police officers but lately I have mixed feelings. There is much that goes on that is never reported. Not that this is the fault of the's not. There are only so many reporters available and they are often on scene at the initial police call, however, there are stories behind these incidences long after arrests-- not all may be treated fairly and with respect. I have a story brewing and I will blog about it in the future.

These things have been on my mind a lot lately. Just in general, let's just say in the popularity of entertainment television--much of the content and theme is from a law enforcement viewpoint i.e. CSI, Law & Order, America's Most Wanted, etc. In the past, or so it seems to me, there was a balance with the defense against the government, ie. Perry Mason vs. Dragnet, Hawaii 5-0, etc. There are no shows currently that deal with defense and I think that is an important arena to watch and investigate.

There are many that are in jail that shouldn't be, or are involved in the system that shouldn't be. And, of course, there are many that are free and unchecked by their own caginess and ability to escape detection. Ah, me.

I am encouraged by our police department's interest in supporting the arts by having an exhibit. This can only be a positive sign post for truth and for improvement. There are always flaws in everything. Nothing is perfect. We do have a good chance for fairness and levelheadedness here in Pasadena. I am keeping the faith in these signs.

Miss Havisham's Tea Party said...


The "Ah, me." in my previous comment was not an admission that I am the cagey crminal unable to be detected. It was just a sigh. [sigh] An "Ah, me" that these things happen.

Petrea said...

Sure, Altadenahiker, you're just trying to sweet-talk me.

Hi Sarah-Jane, thank you. I think a lot of us blogger geeks feel the same way! But I should speak for myself...

Virginia, nothing's good enough after the Louvre.

Vanda! Marketing potential: Pasadena Pokey Publication Propper-Uppers.

Elaine I won't kid you, the book is not a cozy Miss Marple mystery. Dianne Emley can put some creepy/scary stuff on paper.

Havisham, I'm glad you checked in. I wanted to link to a post of yours I remembered, but it's gone. I'm still sad and frankly pissed off about that. Not at you.

Dianne Emley said...

Awesome photo of the police department, Petrea. Can't wait for the contest!