Friday, December 12, 2008

Nice Dog Digs

I've gotta be honest here, I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at. But I think this could be the cleanest dog kennel ever.

I took this picture while exploring behind the Pasadena Humane Society in Edmondson Alley, which runs north to south paralleling Raymond Avenue.

Pasadena's Humane Society gets high marks for professionalism, cleanliness, high adoption rates and healthy, happy animals. Even knowing that I was surprised at how clean these cages looked when I peeked through a grating in the alley. What surprised me even more was how quiet it was. The cages must have been empty. Maybe they take the animals out when they clean the cages. I don't know, which is why I'm not sure what this is a picture of. If it's part of the Humane Society, wouldn't you think it would be packed? I'm under the impression they don't have a lot of extra space.

Whatever it is, it's clean. And the American flags and hanging ferns are a nice, decorative touch.

Update, 10:00pm: a couple of people mentioned they'd like to see this shot in black & white. It was nice of you to ask! Here it is below, with a little tweak to the contrast:


Dina said...

Clean, yes; but it still looks like a cellblock to me. I guess just the whole idea of cages, or cells, is sad.

USelaine said...

Synchronized napping? I hope all is well there, in any case...

Laurie said...

This reminds me of a monochrome shot of the train station I posted a few months ago. I love all those angles and lines and geometry!

But I agree, it's the cleanest kennel I've ever seen.

MurciaDailyPhoto and said...

I think that society offer to this dogs a second oportunity to its life.

maria said...

i love that there is sunlight. most of the kennels that i have ever visited are usually very dark dreary, damp and cold. infact, i just went to one last week and was just heart broken. i got my lilly from the humane society...she brings the sunlight in.

JT said...

Our family has "adopted" dogs from the Pasadena Humane Society a couple times. It was always an exciting experience--even more for the dogs, I am sure!

Thursday Girl/Hollis the Cat said...

I volunteer at the Pasadena Humane Society...(Hollis allows me to 'cheat' on her with other cats and even DOGS!) Usually it's a barking/howling bonanza back in the kennel area, so I'm not sure why all those kennels were empty. I often go out with the mobile unit, which takes dogs and cats to local events, etc. Last weekend, I marched with a pooch in the Montrose Christmas parade with the Humane Society.

It is a very well-run operation. If I were a stray, that's where I'd want to end up, definitely!

Bernie K. said...

Nice dogs dig nice dog digs. ¿Que Vadis?

Stéphane Kardos said...

Unfortunately, my wife and I had a very bad experience at the Pasadena Humane Society last year when adopting our first dog, and I later met people who had problems at this humane society too. The dog they recommended to us had an history as a fighter, and they didn't say anything to us, we discovered it when we had to go to an animal clinic emergency, at night, because the dog was bleeding a lot from his neck from an old wound. The veterinarian at the clinic knew this dog as the previous owner was there 2 weeks before because this very same dog was in a fight and had a very unpredictable temper. Nobody told us anything about that at the humane society, and I spent time there with a person to talk about the dog. It broke our heart that we had to bring back the dog to the humane society as we couldn't even go for a walk down the street without her wanted to jump at the throat of every dogs we were passing by, or person.
They didn't even care listening to my points at the humane society when I wanted to make sure that the history of the dog would be in their record, to avoid a next person to have a bad experience, they were even rude.
Maybe we were just unlucky.

altadenahiker said...

Looks like good size "enclosures" anyway. I hate to see dogs crammed in crates; I really hate it. Petrea, I'm working out of the Flintridge book store today. The people are very nice, but the place is empty of customers. Kind of sad. Chairs not terribly comfortable and they're playing elevator music -- strange choice for a bookstore.

Margaret said...

I wonder if what you are looking at are the boarding kennels, and there just aren't any boarders.

Leslie in Altadena said...

I saw an alligator in one of those cages during a visit. The Pasadena Humane Society also gets the occasional rooster. So, it's not just cats and dogs you can adopt!

babooshka said...

No dog should be without a loving home. This would make an excellent monochrome all those geometric shadows.

Petrea said...

Cellblock it is, Dina. But the alternative for city animals is worse.

Ha! Synchronized napping. Elaine, you slay me.

Laurie, thanks to you and Babooshka, I'll try the monochrome and add it.

Hey guess what, everybody!! I met Laurie today in person! She really is that sweet and that interesting and that cool.

Welcome, MurciaDP! I believe you are absolutely right. They shelter all kinds of animals - see Leslie in Altadena's comment. They do good work, or at least mostly (see Stef's comment!).

Good for you, Maria, and JT too. In the Los Angeles area you can rescue ANY kind of pet, just about: purebred dogs, puppies, cats, birds, lizards, etc (see Leslie in Altadena's comment again). The animals are listed online. Google is your friend.

TG/HtC! Perfect that you showed up today. Thanks for volunteering. I know Stef had a bad experience (that wasn't you), and I don't doubt his word. But it's good to hear from an insider. What do you think of Margaret's idea - boarding kennels?

Stéphane, I hope that experience didn't keep you from adopting another dog. Did you finally get the right one for you? It's distressing to hear that you heard bad stories from other people.

AltadenaHiker volunteers at Boxer Rescue, which we both promise is a very good shelter (John and I adopted Boz there). AH, that's one that Kathy of told me about. It's on my list. Did you get any work done?

Virginia said...

Synchronized napping!!! I am cracking up. I am trying to visualize the routine first thing in the morning when they all march out of their kennels and salute the flag. Maybe bark the Star Spangled Banner. Oh never mind. I should never comment this late at night. And for pete sake don't let me near Eric's blog at this hour. Let us all know about the MIA pooches, Petrea.

Petrea said...

For those who were interested, I added the shot in black and white.

pasadenapio said...

When my darling dog Allie disappeared in 2000, I went to the Humane Society every day to see if she was there.

I also went to the county pound every day to see if she was there and to review their list of daily DOAs (animals that were, in effect, roadkill.

There was and there remains a very clear distinction between the two facilities.

The Humane Society staff was welcoming and compassionate; at the county pound, they were disinterested and depressing.

Allie was never found. She was 18 at the time, so she's in doggie Heaven. The grief and guilt I experienced as a result of her disappearance were overwhelming, and the Humane Society was helpful with that, too.

Trish said...

synchronized napping? The spousal unit and I do that ALL the time! We snore in unison too, apparently.

Petrea, this is unusual, to say the least. I suspect they were cleaned and habitants were moved elsewhere---some dogs do NOT do well with water and sometimes there is a messy reason the cage has to be cleaned.

Another possibility is that kennel cough or other disease set in and they HAD to be cleaned and cleared---ala norovirus on cruise ships.

If dogs are loved, spent time with and cared for, these cages are not terrible.

All kennels have issues. I have yet to find a kennel without a bad story from *someone*. We adopted a cat from this humane soc when I single digits. The first 2 cats we got had major health problems. The third---ended up living into his 20's. Spend time with the animal, get accustomed to them, and them you. Know you will have adjustment issues, especially if the animal had been abused. Give love and respect and you usually will be well rewarded.

Am glad you captured a wonderful part of the alley!

Am aiming to be in LA next week...if the rain doesn't wash me out, I'll try to take some pics of some of my favorite places and share.

Stéphane Kardos said...

yes we did find the right dog for us, a sweet yellow lab called Fancy, she's great.
Good to hear you met Laurie! Is she is in black and white like her avatar or full color? ;)

Miss Havisham's Tea Party said...

This is what I love about your post the most (which also says a lot about my state of mind):

"Dog Digs"

I can't stop staring at the "g"s


Petrea said...

Virginia, you should comment late every night. You're funny! I like funny.

Ann, thanks for that. I know next to nothing about the county pound. You know I'm in love with Boz. I can imagine that grief and guilt. We feel so responsible for them and we love them so much. I'm glad the Humane Society was able to help. Did you ever adopt another?

Trish, as AltadenaHiker and Thursday Girl will tell you, those animals will receive love and care proportional to the amount of volunteers and donations that arrive at the shelters.

Stef, I hope to meet Fancy one day! And yes, Laurie is colorful and beautiful.

Miss Havisham: Ggggr. Rowr.