Friday, October 10, 2008

The Golden State

I'm not a participant in Skywatch Friday but every so often I get a good sky shot. This was taken looking west (duh) over La Canada Flintridge toward the Glendale hills.

Glendale doesn't border on Pasadena; we've got Eagle Rock between us. (Eagle Rock's officially part of Los Angeles, but really it's its own community.) La Canada Flintridge borders Pasadena on its east side, to our northwest.

I've set rules for myself. I post photos here taken only in Pasadena or its bordering communities (unless someone else is doing the City Daily Photo blog for that community). So for example, if I wanted to post a photo I'd taken in Glendale, I'd put it on Overdog. I took a photo in Hollywood that I like, so I posted it there. (Like Eagle Rock, Hollywood's officially part of Los Angeles, but unlike Eagle Rock, it seems fitting.)

I haven't taken any photos in La Canada Flintridge. A project to put on my list.


Dina said...

There's gold in them thar hills! Beautiful.
I hope you did, or will, sign up at SkyWatch for this post. Come on, Petrea, share your sky.
Good to see you all again; two days away from blogs and computer was hard.

Sharon said...

This is a beautiful sky shot. Very nice.

Bernie K. said...

Sublime. Puts me in mind of R. Strauss's lambent "Last Songs" … for one, which he composed in Montreux at 84, he used a poem by J. von Eichendorff:

(In the Glow of Sunset)

Wir sind durch Not und Freude gegangen Hand in Hand
We have walked hand in hand through both distress and joy.

vom Wandern ruhen wir nun überm stillen Land.
Let us now rest from our wandering, looking down over the quiet land.

Rings sich die Täler neigen, es dunkelt schon die Luft,
All around us the valleys are becoming indistinct, it is already growing dark.

zwei Lerchen nur noch steigen nachträumend in den Duft.
just two larks are still soaring up into the fragrant air, dreaming about the day that is ending.

Tritt her und lass sie schwirren, bald ist es Schlafenszeit,
Come to me, and let them warble; soon it will be time to sleep,

dass wir uns nicht verirren in dieser Einsamkeit. O weiter, stiller Friede!
Let us not lose our way in this solitude. O vast, quiet peace!

So tief im Abendrot, wie sind wir Wandermüde—ist dies etwa der Tod?
So immersed in the glow of sunset, how weary we are of wandering - can this perhaps be death?

(Jessye Norman recorded an incandescent version in 1982.)

Laurie said...

This is gorgeous and inspiring, Petrea. I love golden skies.

(And I want to directly link to Bernie K's brain!)

Thanks for the mention via link, today!

GeeBee said...

Thanks for sharing all these excellent and very personnal visions of a country I enjoy very much.
The west coast has always a special place in my heart.
You have a real sharp eye !


JM said...

What a fantastic sky! Gorgeous gold!

Ted Thompson said...

There's the gold standard we should be on...

(lame attempt at a financial pun...)


altadenahiker said...

I know, "ooh, ahh"

Kelly said...

Perfectly captured, Petrea! I love the colors!

marley said...

Great SWF photo. Very nice.

Christie said...

Wow, what a great gold shot!! What beautiful clouds too. It is lovely. Thanks for sharing, Petrea!

Hope said...

This golden light is breathtaking!

Virginia said...

Gorgeous photo for SKYWATCH, Peterea. I don't join some weeks mainly because I can't keep up. Mulitasking, as I told Snapper, is sometimes too hard for this blogger. Merci regarding my new photo. I was sick of myself and needed a break. This is a fond memory from the Musee de Rodin, '07. Anticipation!

From de Cafe said...

A Natural...A Bark Out 2 U, P!

USelaine said...

Laurie, Bernie K's brain is too vast and deep for my head to handle - mine would splode.

This is such moody light, and remind me of the simple tune "Golden slumbers fill your eyes, smiles await you when you rise..." (not the Beatles one).

Ms M said...

Lovely golden sunset...

Lydia said...

Wow! That's a gorgeous shot. Bernie k. called it "sublime" and I agree. Perfect title for this one.

Petrea said...

Good morning, everyone! Thank you for your comments. I'm still running too hard to respond to them individually, but I certainly read and relish them all. It's that multitasking thing Virginia mentioned that has me flummoxed right now.

The play opens November 1st, and after that things should cool down. I look forward to getting back to visiting all of your blogs more regularly then.

I do want to welcome a new commenter, Geebee. I'll bet you found your way here via our friend Stef, who is in France right now mourning his father. Geebee, check out Stef's September 16th contribution to this blog.

Thank you all, you make this blog meaningful to me and I daresay to each other.

Benjamin Madison said...

Beautiful pearly light!

But who would have thought that lurking within the artiste is a would-be administrator. It's very nice of you not to want to tread on anyone else's turf but most of us don't visit this blog because of an intense interest in Pasadena. It's you. Pasadena's just a vehicle, a location.

JT said...

we have some of the best sky shots in the nation. Great job capturing the moment.

Petrea said...

Benjamin, you've made my day/week/month...oh, jeez. Thank you.

jt, welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I clicked on your blog (I always do that, of course). Your photos are just great. Have you seen Benjamin's? Dina's? Sharon's? Elaine's? Etc.?