Saturday, August 9, 2008

Paseo, Simply

At Paseo Colorado (or simply the Paseo) a couple of weeks ago, this construction surrounded the movie theatre. I like it because it's all symmetry and angles. Simple, but complicated.

As open-air malls go the Paseo's pretty nice. Frankly, the only thing I don't like about it is the parking. The lot itself is okay, but every time I've had a question or problem (okay, twice) I've been told to call the office. I get voice-mail. I leave a message. No one calls me back. Simple.


USelaine said...

Yeah, nothing like an impenetrable company interface. When I had cable television, the local office (thirty minute drive away) phone number was unlisted. You could use an 800 number to talk with someone who was useless concerning local outages. Very late in the game, I discovered you could call the County Administrator's Office to get the unlisted number (because the County licensed the local cable contract), but by then, I'd decided to give up on television.

On a brighter note, I like all the geometry going on in this photo here.

Anonymous said...

"The lot itself is okay, but every time I've had a question or problem (okay, twice) I've been told to call the office."

Hmmm...wonder why?? Of course it wouldn't be bcuz you've been causing trouble again by pulling out that camera of yours.

Maybe I don't need the trouble of gettin a new cam!

Christie said...

Don't you just love bureaucracy?

Petrea said...

Ah, usE. Don't get me started on the cable company. (Although after enough complaining I got the direct line of someone at corporate.)

Actually L.O., it wasn't about my camera. I don't remember what it was the first time. The second time it was because I had gotten two validations, which is apparently BAD, and since I had proof of shopping in two places the guards made me pay through the nose for my parking. ?????? Go figure.

Christie, I love it so much I go lookin' for it.

Laurie said...


I love your eye for structural shots.

I like Paseo Colorado, too. Luckily, I haven't encountered any parking issues so far -- but I always park across the way from Macy's instead of in the underground part.

I must go back and look at this picture again. :-)

USelaine said...

But then, bureaucracy usually refers to government entities. The cable companies are private, but with a comfy MONOPOLY!!! What's worse is, our sole cable provider was filthy Adelphia, now part of filthy Comcast. No TV. Sorry. I am a big fan, P., but no TV. If they can't come up with ala carte, I refuse.

long sigh Okay, I feel better.

Petrea said...

Laurie: I knew you were smart. I'm going to try that lot.

Elaine: I'm a hanger-on because I'm supposed to be up on what's happening, but much of what I need to know I can find on the web. But we're so sick of Charter and its monopoly that we're contemplating dropping our service even though we're both in the business. Their "service" is more annoying than useful, and we pay top dollar for a lot of outages and red tape.

Ahem. So what I'm sayin' is I understand.

jill said...

This is an interesting shot Petrea, the angles and contrasts. Construction projects always intrigue me.

I've been looking for you on the Olympics, but no sightings yet...

Bernie K. said...

"See him driving those golden nails
That hold together the silver bars
That one day gonna take us to the stars
'Cos he's the man who built America" …

—Horslips, 1978

Petrea said...

Hi Jill, thanks for looking. I saw one of the spots, but I wasn't in it. I'm beginning to fear they didn't use my footage. It can be painful, but we actors must learn to let that stuff roll off our backs. It happens. Unfortunately, I announced it to the world!

I don't remember that one, Bernie. You and I must be of different generations.

Bernie K. said...

It's all about building as aggression—mounting parapets to the sky, like the architects of Babel.

Some folks believe a Dyson sphere ( is inevitable. I just miss open fields.

Petrea said...

I can see architecture as aggression, but it depends on who's doing it and what its purpose is. See, for example, the Arts & Crafts Movement (anti-agression). Laurie did an excellent gloss on it yesterday.

The Dyson sphere looks like the Death Star!

As for open fields, you need a trip out of the city. The fields are still there. Check 'em out while you still can, and pick up after yourself.