Saturday, July 26, 2008


It's Saturday, time to head out to the Farmer's Market at Victory Park, more specifically in the parking lot at Pasadena High School.

You know the bread guy? He's got some black netting around his booth to keep the hot sun off the freshly-baked breads. He's a joker. I hear him while I wait in line for fresh fish. He tells the little kids there's magic in the cookies. He tells the ladies that, too, but I don't think he means the same thing.


Laurie said...


Love it, Petrea. Now, my question: have you ever tried any of those cookies? Maybe they really DO have magic in them...

I'll have to explore the Pasadena Farmers Market. I'm spoiled by being walking distance from the one in South Pas.

jill said...

How cute Petrea! I love these outdoor markets though we don't have fresh fish. And no magic cookies.

Anonymous said...

Petrea, don't think I've bot from the bread guy.
Do you know the sprout lady?

USelaine said...

Magic cookies? Sounds trippy to me. If so, beware of the brownies as well. Nice feet.

Petrea said...

I just got back from the market. I love this guy, he's irrepressible. Young and fun and he loves kids. (Well, he seems to like everybody.)

I ate my cookies. Fab. I don't know about magic, I still feel like myself. But they disappeared awfully quickly.

Laurie, I think the Saturday Pasadena Market has some of the same vendors as yours. Bigger, maybe more plants here. South Pas wins for the charming location, though.

Hi Jill, there's so much magic in Oregon you don't need it in the cookies!

Mike, I've bought from the sprout lady--she has an incredible variety.

USElaine, we read your comment at the bread booth on an iphone. Huge laughs.

Bibi said...

There are lots of outdoor markets here I love to shop at. Currently melons are in season (all kinds) and I have my own "melon man" who never fails to pick a good melon for me.

The black clip on the right of your photo looks like a duck's head!

USelaine said...

Laughs, eh? You definitely ate your cookies then. I hope you weren't driving. X^)

Lily Hydrangea said...

Uselaine you are very funny!
& Petrea this pic is great, so summery! I love the idea of this man selling magic cookies! He has good imagination.

Christie said...

Magic Cookies sound good! I prefer a good soft oatmeal raisin myself. Or, my friend's recipe for a chocolate chocolate chip oatmeal raisin cookie! Yum!

Glad you have such a great place to shop nearby, Petrea!

Isadora said...

:) No, it probably doesn't but don't you know that he is right - both times! Enjoy that wonderful place.

Sara N said...

Thanks Petrea for your comments.
I found your blog so intersting,As you know I am Architecture student and love all photos about it in your blog.
I Have told Uselaine,and want to tell you,I am going to travel to Holy Mecca on friday,I will tay there 15 days,Meead will continiue the blog during this time.Do you know anything about Mecca and Hajj?

Petrea said...

Bibi, that's the best thing about the markets--getting to know the people you buy from. They're usually the ones who grow the food.

Elaine, I would never--I waited until I got home to eat those cookies.

He does, Lily. And he's just great with the kids, who are sometimes hot and bored and don't much care for markets.

Christie, those recipes sound gooooood.

Sara N, I know only a little. I read a long article by an American woman who had converted from Christian to Muslim. She made the Mecca trip alone. It was, needless to say, an interesting point of view. Will you blog about your trip? I'll look forward to reading about it.

Dina said...

Oh yeah? Send me a dozen.
But then, markets are magical in toto. Such a fun post.

Petrea said...

I think it's the cookie man who makes the magic, Dina. It's no fun if you get them from me. You'll have to come to Pasadena and buy them from him.

I know. Next time you're in the LA area, right?