Sunday, July 13, 2008


On our neighborhood walks, Boz and I often pass by the North Pasadena Church of Christ, and I admire this tree on the church property. Long ago someone built a wall around it, but a tree can't be bound by such insignificance. I'm pleased no one has attempted to imprison it in again now that it has busted free. Stone walls do not a prison make.

While I was taking this photo I heard the choir practicing. They sounded good. Richard Lovelace might have enjoyed the music.


Kelly said...

Nor iron bars a cage...

Perfect quote for this photo! What a super shot!

Bibi said...

The power of roots growing slowly, but persistently. This is a wonderful photo.

Bernie K. said...

Every carpenter needs a tree, but he may not want to climb it.

Knoxville Girl said...

Maybe an Ent escaped from Middle Earth. Shhhh... don't blow his cover!

Jilly said...

Oh good for this tree and good for you taking the photograph. I knew the poem but didn't know the author - or had forgotten (likely!) - so thanks so much for the links.

Love this post, Petrea and the photo.

Petrea said...

Thank you, Kelly! I just love your avatar.

Bibi, that persistence reminds me of your July 10th post about the brush shop.

Bernie, in this case I'm glad he didn't chop it down.

Ent! Oh. Shh. Could be, KG.

Thanks, Jilly. I didn't know it either. My husband quoted the lines to me and I looked it up.

Palm Axis said...

I consider myself a tree hugger but... that tree is an arbor thug. Can you imagine the expense that church goes through to grind the roots out of their plumbing system? Palm, the practical.

Palm, the romantic. I like the faint trace of deco on the 70's stuccoed exterior. The uprooted sidewalk is nothing less then a case of elegant entropy.

Jim said...

Somehow it reminds me of my waistline and my pants.

Coltrane_lives said...

Petrea...have been meaning to stop by and send my regards to someone from east of the Mississippi.

With this photo, I thought for a moment you were giving us a little Bastille Day action a day early, Petrea! :-)

It really shows how "nature always finds a way" to put our egos into proper perspective. Have a great PDP Bastille Partay tonight! :-)

Louis la Vache said...

The allusion to Lovelace is certainly appropriate!
As Bibi wrote, this is a beautiful photo.

* * * *

Eric at Paris Daily Photo had a shot of Mona Lisa, but "Louis" doesn't have to go to Paris to see her!

USelaine said...

I'm sorry to say, this tree looks tortured! Bound up, denied water, hacked away at, and apparently squeezed so tight it left a mark! That it lived to break free is astonishing! *sob*

Isadora said...

:) Love the way nature simply breaks all shackles we may try to impose.

Petrea said...

Arbor thug! I hadn't thought of that. It could be. And Palm, there are pretty green windows on the church, covered with steel mesh to thwart vandals but not the sun.

Funny, Jim!

Nice to see you here, Coltrane Lives. (Did you know I'm from Illinois?) Eric told me he'll publish those pictures today.

Thank you, Louis.

Elaine, I always thought it looked like Popeye after the spinach, but I see your point.

Hi isadora, thanks for stopping by. Yes, try as we might, nature can't be conquered. At least I hope not.

Kris McCracken said...

Love the photo and nice title.

I often wonder what people are thinking when they try and box trees in like this.

freefalling said...

Go tree - GO!!!!!!