Saturday, May 10, 2008

Three Graces

"Three Graces," by artist Peter Fink, perches atop the Trio Apartments at the corner of Colorado and El Molino Blvds. downtown. Fink created the piece specifically for this building, although he apparently designed another "Three Graces" for Birmingham, England. It's only fair, as the artist is British.

The Brits are accustomed to public art—at least Londoners are. Take a stroll around London and you're practically tripping over art, bumping into it at every turn: gorgeous architecture, well-tended parks, grand statues, innovative sculptures. Sure, American cities have great architecture and parks. But other public art is only beginning to become more common.

In Pasadena, art decorates the streets, yards and parks from CalTech to the Art Center College of Design. Pasadena Cultural Affairs has put together eight public art walking tours you can take in the downtown area. ("Three Graces" is on tour #5.) There's more art beyond downtown; here's a map of other sites.


Katie said...

What delightful works of art! Your photo is amazingly composed as well. You have a great eye! Glad to hear that Pasadena is encouraging public art. I think there's great value in that, and it can really enhance any city.

Do these turn in the wind or are they stationary?

Petrea said...

Thank you, Katie! I'm glad you like the shot.
I believe they move. They're referred to as "kinetic" sculptures. I've never stayed long enough to see it happen, though. They're also supposed to light up at night (with LEDs), so I need to get downtown at night and shoot them when they're glowing.
Nice new shot of you! I've got to get a few new ones...

Katie said...

How cool that these sculptures move and light up at night! Item #15 or so now on my Must See in Pasadena list!

I changed my photo because at the SF PDP party the first thing Lois said to me when she opened the door was "You look so much better than your photo!" Gulp. So this is actually part of a photo that Lois took of me at the party. I'd had enough wine to not be shy about flashing a big smile.

Pont Girl said...

Great post, Petrea. I had no idea there were walking tours in Pasadena. It makes sense though, since there are so many unique sights to see. Hope you're having a great weekend!

Jules said...

Thank you Petrea - As I have just written on my blog your comments are most encouraging. It has been a particularly trying weekend for blogging with phone lines dropping out every few minutes and a massive electrical storm that took out my modem - I had to go change my pants too!!! I consider throwing itin nearly every day and then I read messages like yours and go back and try again!!!!

Thank you - you make it all worth while!!!

PS Love the Three Graces!!!

USelaine said...

We could use a lot more high quality art up here. Muffler Man and murals mostly. (Mmmm.) Pasadena is a real hotspot for art, as you point out. I took a junior college art class field trip to Art Center back in (*gulp*) 1979 or '80. It was up on a hilltop, and had a gallery showing student work in industrial design. A highly regarded school.

Petrea said...

Katie, when you visit (and I do mean "when"), we'll grab Pont Girl, we'll get From Cali up here, we'll find Luggi and the rest of the soCal contingent, and we'll take one of those walking tours. And we'll snap pictures of each other for our blogs. I'm starting to want something new now that you, Lynn and Guille are all sporting new shots!

Hi Jules! Any visitor to my blog is a treat, and a visit from you is a special one. I'm sorry it's been a tough week. Your blogs are fascinating and I'd hate to see you stop. Sometimes a daily post is too much. Perhaps I should lurk less and comment more!

USelaine: Ah yes, Art Center College of Design. We were there at the last Art Night. Quite a place. They've got outdoor sculptures, too. I'll see if I can get back up there sometime and shoot pics for you.

Katie said...

Petrea now I'm totally psyched to come to Pasadena and get as many PDP people (and any other like-minded characters!) as possible to do a walking/art/coffee/etc. tour. I think Eric and his little PDP blog has started a revolution around the world of people who want to meet and do fun stuff. Too too cool! And although I really love your profile photo, there is a wee bit of pressure on you to come up with a new one. As I said at PDP, Eric won't recognize us all when he returns from vacation!

babooshka said...

Love the composition on this and the light so soft and crisp. I am originallly from Birmingham England, and yes the Three Graces have appeared after I left.

Sculptures have definately become somehting of a mainstay in British cities in recent cities, and a welcome sight they are too.

Ben Wideman said...

great shot! I have had my eye on these but never my camera in hand. well done.

Petrea said...

Alas, Katie, I'm always the one taking the pictures and there are few recent ones of me. As I said on PDP, I'll have to dig around.

Babooshka, I've never been to Birmingham, but for some reason I understand it's changed quite a bit in the last twenty or thirty years. I visited southwestern England and found it to be so beautiful all I want is to return.

Thanks, Ben. You mean you actually exit your domicile without a camera?