Saturday, May 24, 2008

Giant Asparagus

After rains like the ones we've had over the last couple of days, our crops prosper. Here's some of the giant asparagus that grows here, just beginning to sprout. Soon there will be enough to feed the locals all summer. (See husband for scale.)

Okay, it's called Agave Americana, or Century Plant. It's a succulent that needs very little water. It takes ten years or so to grow very big, bloom once, then die. This one's getting close to blooming. The blooms will come out at the tops and sides of those tall stalks. Eventually the stalks will dry out and fall over, at which time you don't want to be walking along the path.

We're west of the Brookside Golf Course, just north of the Rose Bowl Stadium. If you walk your dog there, keep Fido on a leash. Dogs just love a putting green, and the fence has some intriguing, dog-sized holes in it. People! Balls! Carts to chase! What fun! Fido! Come back!


Christie said...

Wow!! How huge is that! We don't have anything but bushes and trees that grow that high.

Petrea, you're the one who has inspired me to find out more about my city and write knowledgeably about it. Your posts about the architecture of Pasadena made me want to find out more about what makes Petoskey so special Thank you!

Jim said...

Sounds like Boz may have found a hole in the fence a time or two.

USelaine said...

Now wait a minute. I think hub is standing a bit beyond the plant! My grandfather had these, and I remember the blooming, but I don't remember the plant dying - just the flowering part. Thank goodness my grandfather's father was a blacksmith, so we had a custom made steamer basket for cooking it. Nearly started a forest fire getting the water to boil. Ah, those were the days... And people wonder why we're running low on redwood forests.

Petrea said...

Christie, what a nice thing to say. I'm honored to think I inspired you. You're going to have fun--well, you're already having fun.

Only once, Jim. I learned my lesson. There were some guys on the putting green, concentrating hard. I had to whisper, "here Boz!" and he tried to ignore me. The hole wasn't big enough for me to crawl through, either.

Yes, uselaine, he got past the plant. It's about 18-20 feet high, by my guess. The stalks are kind of tough, but there's plenty to go around.

USelaine said...

Oh, and, uh, happy birthday.

Petrea said...

Okay. Not my birthday. You funny.

Bud. Nipped. I hope. Thankee anyhoo.

Kathy said...

We still tease my teenage daughter about the time we took a roadtrip and she swore she saw giraffes on the side of the road. They were really giant asparaguses. :)

Thanks for sharing your great pictures!!

Bibi said...

Century plants are my kind of plants. First, they don't take much water/attention, and two, I'd like to live that long. I love the colors in your photo.

Gail's Man said...

Hi Petrea, thanks for stopping by and leaving some messages. I know how difficult it can be to try and visit as many sites as possible, and with the number now, it's practically impossible. I do have some favourites, and I'm sure I've stopped by your site before.

Best wishes

Denton said...

Sad that they bloom only once and at the same time that one occasion must be very significant to see.

Thanks for registering at the Daily Photo Map. A thumbnail of your latest photo now appears on the map.

Jim said...

You trying to crawl through the hole in the THAT would be a picture worth posting.

Petrea said...

Hi Kathy, nice to see you! Sure, they could be giraffes. Or very strong snakes. Glad you like the photos.

Bibi, wouldn't we all?

Gailsman, the trouble with all these photo blogs is that so many of them are actually good.

Denton, thank you for the Daily Photo Map. (I'll get that icon on my site today.) The bloom on the plant would be more significant if there were fewer Century Plants here. We're fortunate to have many.

You're right, Jim. I need to take a photographer with me on my jaunts.