Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shadowed Balcony

I used to walk a lot in Chicago. We don't do much walking in the LA metropolitan area. (Strange, when you think how blessed we are weather-wise, and how Chicago isn't.)

Pasadena's working on it, including Mayor Bogaard's Get Up & Moving program, "a brisk walk around the Rose bowl Stadium the first Wednesday of every month at 7:45 a.m." The Mayor invites the citizenry to join him along with a special guest. Not being an early riser, I've already missed big-shot Hollywood Producer and Pasadena resident Gale Ann Hurd, who walked with the Mayor this month. I could shoot for May, but I'm not guaranteeing anything.

The other day I walked along Colorado Blvd. at the east end of town. I found shops I'd never noticed before. I discovered a pretty balcony in the shadows. There's probably sun on it early in the morning.

I may never see it in the early morning, but hey—at least I got out of the car. When you walk, you discover things.


Palm Axis said...

Walk on over to my Pasadena adjacent blog. I've got a new post up and appreciate your thoughtful comments.

dryanna said...

I love your pictures (and commentaries), especially the nature images.

P.S. You've been tagged to tell 7 random things about yourself. It's actually kind of fun if you choose to accept your mission.

Beth said...

First comment of the day, alright, Whoo!

Along with that, I thought I'd mention that I'm looking forward to your next 'Act As If' column. They're always very funny; very well done.

I probably should actually say something about the photo,

the balcony is pretty.

b.c. said...

oh nice, i agree its nice to walk

Katie said...

Glad to know you're at least attempting to get out and walk more! Just pretend you're in Paris. Or Chicago! Very pretty little balcony.

AraratDailyPhoto said...

And it's good for the soul.

from cali said...

You know there was even a song by Missing Persons called "Walking in LxA" and part of it was "walking in LxA, walking in LxA, nobody walks in LxA." It should really be "nobody walks in CA" or at least not in many parts of SoCal! The joke where I live is "we drive to go to the bathroom."

Petrea said...

So sorry to be late in moderating comments today. See today's post for an explanation.

I'll be there asap, Palm. It may have to be late this afternoon.

Thanks for the compliment, Dryanna. Where do I tell the 7 things, if I choose to accept my mission?

Beth, sorry, it's because I was late monitoring. You were misled. I'll turn off the monitoring as soon as my spam scare is over. (Column is up today at nowcasting.com/actorsink.)

I walk a lot, for the sake of walking. What I haven't been doing is walking to do my errands. New project.

Thank you all!

Bernie K. said...

This is such a cool photo. I love how the foreground is in sun, the midground is shadowy and the sky is bright. Plus it's a turn-y-twist-y composition, which is always good.

Petrea said...

Thank you very much, Bernie.

dryanna said...

You could post the seven things on one of your blogs. Love the curving sidewalk photo. And the skateboarder dudes- that's a snapshot of the USA right there, freedom mixed with a lot of daring, very cool.