Tuesday, April 29, 2008

La Loma Rehab

La Loma Bridge has arched over Lower Arroyo Park since before it was a park. It's a lovely old thing. You can walk a path right up under it and look into its upper parts. Though lately I'm thinking that's not a good idea.

Built in 1914 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004, La Loma's lived life to the fullest. She's pretty from a distance but close up, her wrinkles show. Time for rehab.

The La Loma Bridge Project is scheduled to begin this summer and be completed by September. Seems a short time for rehab, but what do I know? I'm just glad the bridge will be brought up to date to meet current seismic standards. As pretty as La Loma is, I wouldn't want to be under it during an earthquake.

Of course I wouldn't want to be under a house of cards during an earthquake, but that's just me.

Update on the Sierra Madre fire: Huge progress. 59% containment this morning, 700 people (out of 1000 evacuated) have been allowed to return safely to their homes. No homes lost, though a few came close to getting scorched. Public schools open today. Cheers to the firefighters!


Jim said...

Maybe La Loma just needs a facelift. Great news on the fire.

crittoria said...

Beautiful old bridge. Glad to hear it's getting repaired, instead of being left to fall down.

Knoxville Girl said...

There's beauty in entropy, in the curve of a crumbling arch, as I see here. But I'm glad the bridge will be repaired so people can continue to enjoy it.
Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

Petrea said...

Yeah, Jim, it's a pretty old thing. I think we'd all like to keep it around for a while.

Welcome, Crittoria, thanks for stopping by.

Knoxville girl, entropy is one of my favorite things, except in my house.

Pont Girl said...

Hi Petrea: I like the perspective on this shot - this is another place I don't think I've been to in your neck of the woods... I guess I'll have to wait until after the reno.

I'll be in Pasadena tomorrow - way too early to have a cup of coffee with you though, I'm afraid :( Can you say 7 a.m.??? Yikes.

Petrea said...

Yikes is right, pont girl. And you'll be put together and ready for it, too, if I'm right about you. Glad to see you online.

Lydia said...

I've read your comments at PDP and decided to pop over to visit your blog. I also looked at your web page and read the piece "My so-called job" and got a huge kick out of it!
This photo of the bridge is so striking. That one orange leaf hanging on for this shot deserves special praise, as does the photographer!

Petrea said...

Welcome, Lydia! Thanks. And see my comment on your blog.

Lydia said...

Thank you for your comments at my blog, Petrea. So nice to meet you, too. I also left a brief comment to you in response at my blog. Since I started my blog in February I've asked others about the protocol for leaving comments, i.e., should this be done at one's own blog in response to a comment, or is it better to travel to the commenter's blog and respond there. . . I asked Ronni Bennet at http://www.timegoesby.net/ and she said it depends on numerous factors that can include time-saving, wanting something more personal said elsewhere, etc. It still puzzles me and so I like what you did here and I'll adopt in certain circumstances: a short reply in your blog directing me to a comment at mine.
In the meantime I love today's photo and the new word (to me!) sfumato.