Sunday, March 2, 2008


This shot was taken underneath the onramp to the 134 Freeway that runs alongside the Colorado Street Bridge. Basically you're still in the Arroyo Seco here, but it's a secluded spot. Please do click on this one. It's better in larger format.


Jim said...

Wow, that looks huge. Those people are so tiny.

Uma por Dia said...

Amazing shot

Bernie K. said...

Wait, I know those women! That's A— and B—! Right? Am I right?

Petrea said...

Sorry Bernie, you're way off.

Uma por dia! I thought you weren't going to have time to visit! Nice to see you.

Jim--It's huge. Truly.

Neva said...

this is a great shot!!!And your friends in DeKalb are correct...winter is still hanging on however it did make it up to 50 today!

lynn said...

that's vast! Great perspective shot, Petrea.

marley said...

You're right, it looks fantastic enlarged. Lovely photo.

Thursday Girl/Hollis the Cat said...

I love this area--I walk up the arroyo from South Pas often.

Glad I clicked to see the larger image. Awesome photo! I love this blog!

Question: I am I correct in assuming that the photo you post on a particular day wasn't necessarily taken on that day?

PS: Boz is cute.

Petrea said...

Get out the sunscreen, Neva!

Thanks, all. Glad you like the photo.

So glad you like the blog, Thursday Girl. Your assumption is correct. The rule is you must post each day, but I don't think you have to take the photo the same day you post it. Many people post first thing in the morning, as I'm beginning to do, which would make that tough to do!