Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Spring in One's Step

Beyond the JPL campus you can head into the mountains and discover trails leading to campgrounds, old ruins and more trails. You could probably hike to Alaska if you wanted to, but hey--plan ahead.

By now the person who lost this shoe at the west end of Altadena Avenue has gotten a new pair and resumed hiking. The shoe has been there for at least a year. I wonder what brand it is? It's holding up pretty well.


lynn said...

Gosh how could they have got the shoe there, Petrea?

That sky is fab!

Jim said...

We were talking about this shoe thing at work a few weeks ago. I was told the shoe over the line was for drugs dealers to let people know they could get drugs nearby. So we had to look it up. Seems like there is no real reason why people throw their shoes up on the wire. I was going to do a post of one near my house.

Ham said... is one in Newcastle-upon-tyne

Jilly said...

What a hoot! You wonder how it got there! I like Jim's explanation. Hope it's wrong.

Can't remember if I've said Welcome to the Daily Photo family. If I haven't, WELCOME!

Petrea said...

Lynn: I've wondered this. Below the show is a canyon. Not deep, but too deep for a ladder.

Jim: I did see some shady characters there they other day. They borrowed my pen, and they insisted on giving it back. That snopes link is wonderful, thanks.

Oh Ham, another wonderful blog. How can I watch them all every day? I never get any work done as it is. Have you all seen each other's blogs? Jilly's giving us a tour of an ancient chateau this week, and today we're going to the dungeon!

Thank you, Jilly.

Palm Axis said...

I'm pleased to see that it doesn't have company. I lived for many years in a L.A. neighborhood where the power lines were littered with shoes.
I like your snappy title " a spring in one's step"