Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kaldi Window

I haven't posted many interior photos, and even this barely counts as one. I confess this is due to shyness on my part. I'm not always sure if I'm allowed to take pictures inside a business. A couple of times when I've asked, the management has turned me down. (A couple of times they've said yes, but the pictures didn't turn out well enough.)

Today I stopped in South Pasadena for a cup of coffee at Kaldi. It's a cozy little shop in an old brick bank building (looks like late 19th century to me). This time I didn't ask if I could take pictures. Nobody seemed to mind.

Through the window you see the side and part of the rear of the South Pasadena Public Library. The rear entrance is grander than the front, I think. South Pasadena's loaded with charm, so I'll get back soon and take more pictures. (I figure Pasadena-adjacent communities are fair game, as long as I don't get too far from the border.)

I enjoyed my coffee at Kaldi. There's artwork hanging on the walls, and no loud music playing (a big plus). As long as the weather stays cool, I have a good excuse to take indoor pictures more often.


Jim said...

That looks like a great view. Do they have an area outside to people watch?

Jill Davis Doughtie said...


Petrea said...

Yes Jim, they do. A few little tables that are especially pleasant in summer. Lots of trees around there.

Thanks, Jill. And thanks again.

kostas said...

I love small and cozy cafe places,very lucky to stay in a beautiful small town.
Regards from Thessaloniki.

lynn said...

That looks lovely, Petrea. I always seem to think it's okay to shoot a window from inside, it sort of feels okay doesn't it? I do tend to ask otherwise. Usually they say yes. If you're more brave, then some take the pic then when told not to, they apologise but still they have the pic! Cheeky.

Thursday Girl said...

Great picture! I live in South Pas and Kaldi is one of my favorite places. I think their lattes can't be beat and the vibe is so comfy.

Like your blog...I looked at some of your other info and discovered you worked at the Knightsbridge. I did a couple of shows there years ago, when they were still in Pasadena (although I did not live in the area at the time).

Again, great blog. You've been bookmarked! :)

Nico said...

I used to go here all the time in high school! Brings back some fond memories - and also was probably foreshadowing for my current caffeine addiction...

Anyway, stunning photo. Perfect reminder for me of those times. :)

Uma por Dia said...

I dont know whats the problem with taking photos, even in some museums or churches. In a while we wil have pens with cams and no one can do nothing.

Petrea said...

Kostas: Love your Thessaloniki pictures. I was just reading about Ataturk (Wikipedia's article is a little confusing). He was born there. Yes, South Pasadena is a beautiful small town (surrounded by big towns, not all of them beautiful).

Lynn: I'll muster my bravado and try the cheeky way.

Thursday Girl: I didn't live in Pasadena at the time, either. Perhaps our paths have crossed, but you have such an air of mystery I can't be sure. Thanks for the bookmark!

Nico: Hi again! I thought there was a school nearby, from the look of the pedestrians (it was that time of day).

Uma Por Dia: It's a case for keeping the small camera I have, rather than a great big one with fancy lenses.

monoblog said...

Petrea, the founder and the first
President of the Republic of Turkey Atatürk was born in 1881 in Thessaloniki, then under the Ottoman rule, now in Greece.

Petrea said...

Monoblog: Yes, I knew he was the founder of the Republic and wanted to learn more about him.

The Wikipedia article talks of his battle wins, but not about Ataturk the person. I'll have to find more to read about him. He sounds like a man who always got what he wanted. One wouldn't want to be his enemy.