Wednesday, February 27, 2008

City Hall Courtyard

Today I met a friend for lunch. We chose the courtyard at City Hall as our meeting place. Back in January I had posted a picture of the entrance to City Hall and promised more photos of that august structure. I'm no dummy. I went early and took my camera.

I wasn't early enough, though. That building must have at least a thousand good angles, so I'll have to keep going back.

The belvedere in the background of this shot is one of four that mark the corners of the courtyard. In the middle ground you see the cast stone Baroque fountain that's been there since the building was constructed in 1927. I don't suppose the urn in the foreground is as old as everything else, but it's a nice touch.


Ben Wideman said...

I'm pretty sure you could make a photo a day blog based entirely on this building. great shot!

lynn said...

Oooh how pretty is that? Hope you enjoyed your lunch, Petrea.

Jim said...

It looks very relaxing. It should be a requirement for anyone who does business at city hall or works in city hall to have to sit in the courtyard and chill before going in. Sometimes people are so touchy in government offices.... Reminds me, I need to do down to our city hall and $#%*& about my water bill.

Petrea said...

I know, Ben, it's tempting isn't it?

Yes we did, Lynn, thank you. Just left you a message in Cheltenham.

Jim, if you click on the photo you can see a man relaxing on one of the benches. While I was there yesterday several people took advantage of the benches and the weather.