Saturday, June 23, 2012

We Are Old!

Big, big doings today for the Pasadenish because it's our 126th birthday.

We're having our party from 12-4 pm at the Pasadena Museum of History (free admission, free parking). There will be art, music, antique cars and more. In honor of this year's Olympics, the Synchronized Cake Cutting will be held at 3pm, officiated by Mayor Bill Bogaard.

Many organizations sponsor the event. A big co-sponsor is Pasadena Water and Power (a super important entity in this part of the world), and this year the cakes (also super important) come from Vons.

Everybody gets a free piece of cake. Everybody. You are Pasadenish. Come and get your cake.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Door, 6

One the way to an event in a new building. Late day shadows darken a side door in an old building. I know my preference.

I wonder what it is about older architecture that makes me like it so much? Surely not every old building is worthy, and surely not every new one is soulless. Yet it seems that way. The histories that inhabit old buildings are part of what make the structures attractive, but even without those stories it's the architecture I love. To me, older architecture is simply more beautiful than most modern stuff.

Even the rooms are more comfortable. The wood and plaster used in walls and floors, the old window glass, the softer lighting (one hopes no one has added fluorescents) and the inferior air conditioning--all these things make a building more comfortable. I even like old radiators.

I'm not exactly scientific about this, am I? I haven't made a study and I'm not going to. Architecture is an emotional issue for me.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Commute, 9

I don't usually stop on the way to or from Bell Sound Studios in Hollywood for my weekly recording session. This isn't because the possible stops don't tempt me. It's because I'm on my way to work and I haven't included browsing time in my commute.

So I haven't tried Jollibee. Looks like it's a chain but I've never seen another one besides this one on Beverly Blvd.


Yahoo reviews say Jollibee is a Filipino fast food chain. After reading the reviews I might not end up going to Jollibee but I might seek out some Filipino food. It sounds pretty good.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweet Award

the film set

The American Business Awards were given out two nights ago. I picture a ceremony in New Yawk Sitty, with the men in black-tie and the women in sophisticated evening gowns and subtle jewelry. It could just as well have been an after-work chicken buffet, for all the facts I have at my fingertips. I would never have heard of these awards if not for the fact (at my fingertips) that my husband, John Sandel, along with the friendly geniuses at Superfreako Productions, created the video for Vertical Response, which won the award for "Video: Other."

Other! Isn't that great? It has a certain cachet.

Vertical Response beat out Dow Corning, Gatorade and even AT&T, which pleases me no end.

I posted about the shoot when John and his associates shot for Vertical Response at our place in January. John met the Superfreako people through We Make Movies, which is to the Hollywood film business what self-publishing is to the New York publishing industry.

Here's the video (that's John's arm and hand drawing):

Congratulations to everyone at Vertical Response and Superfreako. We've been enjoying feeling good about it. I'm proud of John. It's not the first award he's won, but it's sweet. And I know there will be more.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It's the time of the Jacarandas in the San Gabriel Valley. Adele at Seeing Sierra Madre has already posted more than one "purple picture" and she has more up her sleeve (or in her camera bag). Everyone in southern California with access to a camera is aiming it at the nearest Jacaranda right about now.

If you don't live around here you might not be familiar with these stunning trees, and I don't use that word lightly ("stunning," not "trees," silly). Click on the links to see how gorgeous the jacarandas are.

They're messy, though. And am I the only one who thinks they stink?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Zen Monday: #201

...and we're back to our regularly-scheduled Zen Mondays, where you tell us what the photo's about, rather than me telling you.

I hope today is the start of a beautiful week for everyone.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Block Party Heroes

If your Pasadena neighborhood or block organization meets certain simple criteria, you can barricade your street for your block party. The kids love the wild freedom it gives them to ride their bikes in the street. Did you also know that members of the Pasadena Fire Department will come to your block party and mesmerize your children? That is, if they have time.

When the big truck pulled onto our block, the firefighters got a call and immediately had to leave.

A bit later the truck returned, greeted by cheering fans. The men of Station 33 were able to stop long enough to give most of the kids a tour of their gleaming truck but not long enough to get a plate of potluck before another call came in.

Our street was barricaded for the party, as I mentioned, so each time the men came and went they had to stop at the end of the block and move the barricades.

I didn't think they'd come back a third time but they did, this time with a rescue ambulance and a two-man crew. (There are female firefighters in Los Angeles County. Perhaps yesterday's visits inspired more.) The kids (all ages) were thrilled. The smallest ones got to visit inside the ambulance, and afterwards they tried on the firefighters' heavy coats.

Firefighter Paramedic Bondarczuk demonstrated the hood and mask to his rapt audience. He said the hood keeps sparks from getting inside his coat and going down his back. I don't have to tell you what the mask is for.

These guys are amazing enough just doing their jobs. When they take time to come out and talk to families, and wow the children like they did yesterday between emergency calls, one gets a sense of the meaning of the word "hero."

Immediately after I took this picture the paramedics got another call. Off they went, stopping to move the barricades at the end of the street and missing out entirely on hot dogs, brownies and Michelle's famous bruschetta.