Saturday, June 16, 2012

Talbott Neon

Yesterday I said I'd post a photo of the Talbott's sign, and here it is. I like to be true to my word when it's convenient, and I happened to have a picture. I like this sign a lot.

The company has been going strong since 1924 and is now operated by the third generation of Talbotts. When I was at the store, the man I talked to (I'm guessing it might have been Kirk Talbott) told me the current store is not the original location. I wish I could remember when he said they moved there, but it wasn't too long after the company was founded. Maybe the 1930's or early 40's? I'll bet this sign goes back that far. The hands and feet on the little man seem Disney-influenced.

What's your favorite neon in the Dena?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Talbott Electric

One of our lamps stopped working.

We stuck it in the garage and figured we'd do something about it sooner or later.

Then another lamp stopped working.

John knows how to fix a socket but it turns out these things were not normal. They were newfangled. They cost many bucks, on sale, warranty long gone.

I know what to do! Buy new lamps!


stop by Talbott Electric and find out if the lamps can be fixed.

Talbott is the place on Washington Blvd. with the vintage neon sign. (I'll post a photo of that sign one of these days.) They've been a Pasadena institution since 1924. Besides fixing lamps they offer complete electrical services. In the store, they also have some charming Craftsman-type fixtures. None of that Lamps Plus homogeneity.

The display cases inside the front door are my favorite part. They're loaded with strange antique fixtures, switches and oddments. Note "nurses room" and "nurses closet" on the typed sheet. Time travel.

Despite their oldfangled collection, Talbott fixed my newfangled lamps for less than 5% of what it would have cost to buy new ones.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Commute, 8

We're heading east on Silverlake Blvd. in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, approaching the corner of Reservoir St. This mural is on the back of what I think is still Tom's Burgers. Tom's is on a corner-shaped spit because really, where Silverlake meets Reservoir it also meets Parkman Avenue which, if we turn left on it, takes us behind ourselves to Sunset Blvd, under which we've just driven.

I love that sentence, even if you don't.

I didn't find out the name of the artist, but I did find Jubilee.

Thanks to Adele for discovering the name of the artist: Dcypher CBS

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is a mushroom.

A mushroom.

It's in my neighbor's yard. I tried to give you some perspective by putting my keys next to it. You can hardly see them in the grass, but the grass itself gives scale.

My neighbor told me I am welcome to come by with some butter and a pan to sautee this monster. I think not.

Zen Monday #200 contest:

We have a tie for first place!

Jean Spitzer and Pasadena Adjacent are the winners, with Frank Zgonc in second place, taking home our beautiful Pasadena City Hall key chain.
Now, for that very competitive first prize, we can either have a run-off, or I might have a way to work this out. I have a secret other prize. I'll contact the winners to find out if they want it, and I'll let you know.


Ladies and gentlemen, in the Zen Monday #200 contest:

We had a tie, as you read above. And we have prizes for both winners. The lovely and talented Jean Spitzer will receive (I want you to picture Carol Merrill if you're old enough) a stylish, navy blue Lowepro EXS 160 Photo/Video bag and adjustable camera strap!

(Yay! clap clap clap applause!)

Pasadena Adjacent, also lovely and talented (I attract 'em), has agreed to accept the alternate first prize, two free passes to the Huntington Library and Gardens!

(clap clap Woohoo! whistle clap)

Being as PA is local, I hoped that might work out. Whew! Who thought there would be a tie? Obviously, I didn't.

The runner-up, your friend and mine, Frank Zgonc, aka Frazgo Fraz (speaking of lovely and talented) will receive a lovely City of Pasadena square chrome key chain.

Let's hear it for our wonderful winners!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I dropped my friend off at Accurate Autoworks on Hill Street (she loves these guys) and took a "U" through the garage. I took this picture through the windshield, which apparently I need to clean before I do any more behind-the-wheel photography.

Across Hill Street is the empty lot of what used to be Pasadena Ford. Nothing much has changed there in the last three years.

See the poll at top left? Please vote for your favorite comment from yesterday from among the nominees below. Feel free to vote whether you made a comment yesterday or not, whether you've been here before or not, whether you understand why we're voting or not...

The nominees are:

Jean Spitzer:
It followed me home. Can I keep it?

Pasadena Adjacent:
Segway "as is"
Manufacturer Recommendation SPF 40

Susan Campisi
In a spark of creative genius driven by a low budget, John decides to save production costs on "Strong Love" by using the mower as film reel. Petrea is recruited as PA (production assistant, not Pasadena Adjacent of course). 

Frank Zgonc
No harmful CO2 emission unless the operator ate beans the day before ;)

Clifford Beshers
My! What big reels you have, Grandma!

You have until midnight tonight to vote. I'll announce the winners tomorrow. Probably not first thing, I doubt I'll stay up 'til midnight.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Zen Monday: #200

Zen Monday #200! I can hardly believe it.

Zen Monday is the day you write about the photo and I don't. And today is special.

Because prizes!

The winner will receive a Lowepro EXS 160 Photo/Video bag (navy blue) and adjustable camera strap. The runner-up will receive a lovely City of Pasadena square chrome key chain.

Anyone can win and there are no criteria. You can comment as many times as you like. I think you can vote as many times as you like, too, though I'm not sure how the polling thing works. I'll put that up tonight.

Because of how the poll thingy is set up, we'll have to whittle it down to a few candidates and enter their names for voting. By the end of today we ought to have some front-runners. If you have opinions about who they should be, please say so. Let your voice be heard, otherwise I'll pick the finalists myself.

Tomorrow you will get to vote for your favorite comment today, and it can be your favorite for any reason whatsoever. I can't think of any rules, really, except have fun.

Thank you for visiting Pasadena Daily Photo. I'm always so glad when you do.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Serene Sunday

I was going to say I hope you have a serene Sunday planned. But that's presumptuous of me, isn't it? Maybe that's not what you want. Maybe you're heading out to the NASCAR races or off to fly a jet. Perhaps you're participating in a rodeo today or you'll be entering your first boxing match, and serenity is the last thing you need.

Have at it, I say. I'll be sitting it out.

Please do come back tomorrow, if you survive. To commemorate Zen Monday #200, there will be prizes. For whatever.