Saturday, June 2, 2012


The atrium outside the Huntington Hospital's Braun Auditorium is not pink. But I was there to learn about "The Mysteries of Migraine" so it seemed appropriate to mess with the visuals.

Last night, the Huntington Medical Research Institute (HMRI) hosted a presentation/reception/wine and cheese thingy (red wine, which a lot of migraineurs can't drink, but their spouses can). I went because I wanted to learn what I could.

Actually, I went because I want to get off of these drugs. If learning will help, I'll do that. If driving backwards down Colorado Blvd. will help I'll do that, too.

Little is known about migraines, yet there's enough to say about them that we could talk about them for weeks. Among other things I learned last night, one of the most surprising is that very little research is being done into this disease suffered by 30 million Americans. But aren't we lucky? Of the very few facilities in the United States studying migraine, one of them is right here in Pasadena.

And last night's wine and cheese was all about recruiting migraine sufferers to volunteer for research.

Hmm. They have to extract spinal fluid. You know--a spinal tap. Our host Larry Wilson, Public Editor of the Pasadena Star-News and a migraineur, said that when these specialists tapped his spine he "didn't feel a thing."

I have a very low threshold of pain.

Do you think I signed up?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Theme Day: Tranquility

I thought about the Huntington Gardens. I thought about my back porch. I even thought about my bed but a mockingbird has recently occupied our tree, so at the moment that doesn't fit the bill.

Nope. For tranquility I like to get above it all.

Our area has countless hiking trails. I don't have a favorite; each has its own merits. Some cross trickling streams in secret valleys. Some ramble along access roads hidden in the hills. Some soar atop the mountains above town, leaving you open to the sky. This time of year one wants shade, so unless you're an early riser, the Altadena Crest Trail between Eaton Canyon and Zane Grey Terrace is best saved for autumn. It's a decent stretch, sparsely traveled, and just the place to locate your tranquility when it gets lost.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Commute, 6

This alley in Hollywood runs north and south, between and parallel to Highland and Citrus Avenues. I've just turned north from Willoughby. I believe the address of the big, white building in the background is 1025 N. Highland, at the corner of Highland and Romaine. It houses film industry-type of businesses, including a film archive company.

Surrounding us in the alley are the backsides of recording studios, dubbing companies, photo labs and such. Some of the buildings, like the big one in the background, date to the 1920's. Filmmakers and recording artists have been coming through here since Hollywood's beginnings, getting the work done.

I like these buildings and their day-to-day workings of Hollywood. There's not much glamour here (though it passes through from time to time), but there is history.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


These signs adorn the Pasadena Furniture Company on Rosemead, south of the 210 freeway. I've posted at least one photo of this building before. (Where are these photos? Who knows? I didn't categorize them under "signs," "shopping" or "Pasadena Furniture Company" so it's anybody's guess.) I like the juxtaposition of signs here: old, newer, and so-new-it's-temporary. Plus the street sign.

The proprietor told us the building was once a dry cleaner's, probably built in the 1920's. Then, before Pasadena Furniture Company took it over, there was another furniture store in there. It's interesting inside, with a not-too-high warehouse ceiling.

Thank you all for your photo uploading advice yesterday. I deleted about 100 duplicates from Picasa (I have no idea why they were there, but hey, I had no idea I was using Picasa) and voila! A new picture. I hope I don't have to delete 100 pictures every day.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Deja Brew

Here's a fine kettle of caffeine (and more awnings for Susan):

I'm such a pro that although I've been blogging daily since 1/1/08 I didn't know until yesterday that Blogger saves my photos to Picasa. Sometimes it saves four or five copies, and now my Picasa album is so full I can't upload new photos to it. (I deleted about 40 photos, but that didn't help.)

Until I figure it out (or make the long-threatened move to Wordpress), here's a photo I posted January 15th, 2008 (my fifteenth day of blogging). I took the shot at Il Capo Restaurant on Green Street. Malbec Argentine restaurant occupies the location now.

Have you experienced this Picasa problem? Did you buy more space? Move to Wordpress? Delete old photos? I'd be grateful to hear your suggestions.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Zen Monday: #198

It's Zen Memorial Monday, so I'm not going to say anything about the photo. I'll leave that up to you.

It strikes me that in a couple of weeks, together we will have achieved our 200th Zen Monday. There will be prizes. More about that next week. For now, please say your piece/peas/peace in the comments.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Graduation party took over the block last night. The Pasadena Police cleared out a huge crowd in mere minutes. Excellent work.

I hope you have a tranquil Sunday. I'll be sleeping in.