Saturday, May 5, 2012


Sun today, maybe? Please?

I need sun for equilibrium. That's not the word. For energy, mood. When we go for too long without sun it's as though the clouds have found a way to tap my energy right out of my pores, and lately I am drained.

Boz, our dog, has energy. (You can't see it because he's saving it for when it's sunny.) He hates clouds. He wants something. He wants anything. He follows me around the house, breathing. He wants me to fix it. This is awful. THERE MUST BE SUN.

When he's not following me around the house he's lying on his bed under his towel, waiting for me to fix it.

The critter on the leaf likes cloudy weather. He and Boz will never get along.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Commute, 2

We didn't get to do our Commute post yesterday so, just like my work sometimes gets rescheduled, I rescheduled the post. I'm the boss and I can do that. At least, here on the blog I can do that.

But this is what's weird: I can see the number 2773 above the door on the blue building. I cannot find this address anywhere on my commute. I can't remember where I took this picture. I thought it was on Beverly Boulevard but not this week it wasn't, and I can't find it on Google Maps. I must have taken a detour, not only of car, but of brain.

Where did I go? Do you have any ideas? How did I get to work?

It hardly matters. I got the picture, and I'm going to do our front yard flamingos in these colors.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Writer's Voice entry, "Camelot & Vine"

When Casey Clemens slams up against her 40th birthday her Hollywood acting career is floundering, her married boyfriend is cheating on her with his wife and she doesn't like herself any more than anyone else does. Then a freak accident lands Casey in the sixth century and she inadvertently saves the life of her hero, King Arthur. To protect herself, she tells the king she's a magical wizard from the future. (At least it's partly true.) King Arthur's thrilled. Britain is being attacked from all sides by invaders and he could use a good wizard. He's got Myrddin, but Myrddin's more scientist than sorcerer. Casey learns from Myrddin, makes friends and begins to like her new life. She's a good actor; for a while, her lie is her secret.

King Arthur's powerful ally Lancelot harbors his own secret: his affair with the king's wife, Guinevere. A wizard who knows and sees all is inconvenient, to say the least. Lancelot gives Casey a choice: leave or die. But Casey's stuck in the Dark Ages, unable to leave, surrounded by enemies and struck by a realization: she's in love with King Arthur and she's not going anywhere--not yet.

Camelot & Vine

 The day before my fortieth birthday was my last day as Mrs. Gone. For nine years, every American who turned on a television knew me as their wacky neighbor with the solution to their household cleaning problems. They're Gone! That's right! Gone! cleans everything! Which it didn't. I bought it once (not that the Gone! company would give me a free bottle) and never bought it again. That didn't mean I wouldn't endorse it on national television for a cut above union scale.
Being a product spokesperson was good work. I owned a sunny condo in the fashionable Los Angeles suburb of Toluca Lake. I drove a relatively new BMW coupe. The cleaning lady came on Tuesdays. I ate take-out and never cooked. I went to yoga occasionally, and occasionally showed up at acting class. I auditioned for and sometimes got parts in low-budget films.
I thought of it as an acting career until the day before my fortieth birthday when, on the set of my latest Gone! commercial, the director shouted, "That's a wrap!"
As usual, I handed over the product bottle to the props guy, returned my earrings to the costume girl and, avoiding the candy at the craft services table, strode directly out the studio doors.
The director followed me to my trailer. "Casey," he said.
"Bill. What?"
He dug his Nike toe into the studio lot asphalt. I waited. He cleared his throat and stared at his feet, like a kid who's afraid to tell his mom he got a bad report card.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Too Charming

Bungalow Heaven is a Pasadena Landmark District. Many homes there fit the description of a Craftsman bungalow, a style that was hugely popular (and economical) in Pasadena in the early 20th century. We have bungalows all over town. My own home has many Craftsman bungalow characteristics. But there's an especially high concentration of charming bungalows in Bungalow Heaven.

The Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood Association sponsors a home tour each spring. I finally went this year. So did everyone else. Surely you were there, and your brother and your aunt and your third cousin's cousins and their kids and pets. By noon the lines outside the eight featured homes were as long as the lines at Disneyland on a temperate summer Saturday.

So I saw five of the homes. They were lovely, and the gardens were lovely, but the lines, well, the lines were not lovely and I couldn't bring myself to wait in three more of them. (If you look closely at this picture you can see lines of people on both sides of the street.) The docents did a great job (and I hope they at least got a free lunch for their pains) but there were just too many people. If I want to see inside more Bungalow Heaven homes I'll have to meet more people who live in them and get invited over. Do you live there? Hi! What's up?

I'm glad Bungalow Heaven is popular. It's becoming more popular all the time, and that's well deserved. That being the case, however, I wonder how they'll handle the amusement park crowds next year.

Reminder: tomorrow's post will be a little different: it's a contest entry, consisting of a pitch for my novel and the first 250 words. There will be a photo, as usual, but the copy will be, uh, unusual. Feel free to comment! We'll see how it goes.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Theme Day: Bakeries

I thought I was going to miss this theme day. I thought I didn't have any bakery shots, and I knew I didn't have time to go get one.

But wait! This is why I never throw anything away.

Two years ago, I took this photo of student chefs from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Pasadena as they worked to help create the cake for Pasadena's 124th birthday.

It was tempting to steal one of those sugar/frosting roses. It's not like the  chefs were paying any attention to me. I could have gotten away with it.

Here's the post I wrote about the experience. I posted more photos on Overdog. I've been neglecting poor Overdog. Ah, well.

City Daily Photo is now 1463 blogs strong. Bellis will be thrilled to know that the newest member of the fold is Cambridge, UK! Stop by and give a hearty welcome. Click here to visit the other theme day participants.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Zen Monday: #194

And now, for your Monday Zen.

If you're not sure what we do here on Mondays, just ask and I'll let you know. Otherwise, leave your impressions/expressions/interpretations in the comments.

And thank you. I love Zen Mondays.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Poo Dah

Due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn't able to make it to yesterday's Doo Dah Parade. That's lousy because yesterday's parade was, to me, the most important one ever. The Grand Marshall was Pasadena's outgoing public information officer and my friend, Ann Erdman. This year's Doo Dah Queen is also a friend. She's Dianne Patrizzi, the high priestess of flumwhatery, Princess Haha, Queen Patrizzi Intergarlactica.

So I don't have a photo of this year's parade. I took the above photo at the 2008 event. It gives you an idea of the parade's exuberance if not the parade itself, which is a massive crowd of insanity, music, tortillas and non sequitur. If the Tournament of Roses Parade poses the question, "Are all Pasadenans well-organized, pretty and wholesome?" the Doo Dah Parade answers, "Well no. No, we are not."

So, poo. I didn't make the parade. But there's video! Patrizzi had her well-deserved moment in the sun on a glorious day. And Ann, I hope, will always be involved with Doo Dah, which is brought to us by the Light Bringer Project, thank goodness. Because every town must have its flumwhatery.

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