Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gut Yontiff

John and I had just finished a late dinner last night when there came a knocking at our door.

Magazine salesmen. I'd seen them in the neighborhood earlier and I wasn't going to answer. But do magazine salesmen giggle?

I opened the door. Four pretty girls stood in a row on our front porch, dressed in bright costumes. I'd make you guess what they did next but we'd be here all day.

They sang "Jingle Bells."

I ran for the camera.

When they finished singing, they shouted, "Trick or Treat!"

They deserved something good. We didn't have candy in the house but the young ladies were willing to accept fruit. I invited them out to the back yard and we picked oranges in the dark.

How did you spend your Friday evening?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bathe R Doggie

Some people would like to wait even longer between baths than they already do, but some people run in the Arroyo and roll in unspeakable things until they stink to high heaven so as unfortunate as it may appear and as pitiful as they may look, some people are finally forced to bathe, as cruel as it seems to some people.

Thank goodness we've found Bathe R Doggie. Or, to be more accurate, thank Bellis. She recommended the place and we checked it out yesterday. They'll wash your dog, do his pedi-pedi, clean his teeth and--and more. (Yes, that, too.)

You can choose to wash him yourself in one of their nice, clean tubs. They provide everything you need, even a little apron, which I didn't notice until I was soaked and almost finished rinsing. But that's okay. I enjoy the bonding experience Boz and I share when I bathe him (even though he loathes it). At least one of us gets to bond and the other, once the experience is endured, gets a treat.

At last, one person is clean and the other person is covered in soapy dog hair. We come home exhausted and some people get a nap.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alliance Frankaise

The official address of the Alliance Francaise de Pasadena is 34 E. Union Street. (Pardon my lack of cedille on the c in "Francaise," but Blogger freaks out when I try to insert such things. There should also be an accent aigu on that first e in cedille, but...)

Anyway, the entrance is not on Union but in this little alley off of Union near Raymond. I can't remember the name of the alley and apparently Google Maps can't remember it either.

The Alliance holds classes in French, leads tours to France, and generally lends cachet to Pasadena. (Some of us like to think it's the other way around.)

Regardless of the alley's appellation, yesterday this bicyclette (no accent needed) made the scene look just a soupcon (sorry once again) more French.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Theme Day: Under Construction

A few years ago, the eyesore at the corner of Washington and El Molino was a problem liquor store that plagued the neighborhood. This photo is almost exactly two years old.

Now, thanks to Joel Bryant and Trademark Development Group, it's about to become the Classics at Washington Park, a group of eight craftsman-inspired townhomes.

From the website: "Four of the homes will be marketed and sold at prevailing market rate prices. The remaining four homes will be reserved for moderate-income homebuyers."

I think this tells you a lot about the neighborhood.

Bryant lives in the neighborhood. So do I. We both want what's best for the area and, after he showed me around the site yesterday, I can say he and I are definitely on the same page.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Altadena Urban Farmers Market

If the photo looks a bit homey it's because the Altadena Urban Farmers Market takes place at someone's house.

Granted, it's a big house, but it is indeed private property. If you're local you're likely familiar with the Zane Grey Estate, owned by Steven Rudicel and Gloria Putnam, a young Altadena couple. I can't claim to know them but this past Sunday I stood in the goat pen (beyond the grape vines out back) and introduced myself to Steven, just to have a chance to tell him "thank you." I'm awed at how these two regularly open up their historic home to their community.

John and I thought we might pop up to the market and buy some soap from Anne Louise Bannon (because her hand-made soap is superior to every other soap we've ever used), then pop back home. But just because we don't know Rudicel and Putnam doesn't mean we didn't know about half the people at the market, and that included patrons and vendors. Besides Anne and her wine-making husband Michael Holland, we stopped to talk politics with this one, hiking trails with that one, etc. Our neighbor from across the street was there with her daughter. Michael Coppess from East of Allen stopped to chat. Our friend the Apron Strings Baker was there! She who makes the cookies for A Penny for Your Thoughts, the coolest coffee-shop-within-a-gift-shop in Pasadena, was selling challah and cookies at the market! She sold out, of course, as did Anne. You want the good stuff, you get there early. These folks make and grow things at home. It's small business at its loving best.

Read Felicia Friesema's LA Weekly article to learn more about this unique event. Felicia herself gave me this giant, delicious mulberry when I saw her at the market. You meet the most fascinating people there.

The Altadena Urban Farmers Market is more than a market. It's a community bonding event. Yet it's possible John and I attended the final one. Let's hope there'll be another market in June.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Zen Monday: #148

I know it's a holiday but it's also Monday. I wouldn't leave you hanging without your Zen.

Is this your first Zen Monday at PDP? Here's the deal: today's the day I don't give you my interpretation of the photo. Instead, you give me yours. There's no winner, no prize (although I admit folks get competitive). Just let your imagination go.

Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a good time. I always do.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sermon on the Mountain

St. Francis is the patron saint of animals and the environment. (He was pronounced a saint in July of 1228. Do you suppose they used the word "environment" then?) He was many other things as well; interesting guy.

It's a refreshing surprise to come across such works in our ramblings. It makes me feel privileged to live where people create.

I wonder if Francis knew his words would continue to be relevant for 900 years. Maybe he hoped we'd have learned all this by now.
Boz can't read, but it doesn't matter. This stuff is instinctive to him.