Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eaton Walk

At Eaton Canyon you park near the Nature Center, cross the wash and turn left to hike the many paths. At least it seems that's what most people do. The hike to Henninger Flats is especially popular. Or this time of year folks can walk in the wash itself. Later, after we have more rain (please), they can splash in the water.

If, however, you turn right past the wash, you cross under this archway. Pretty soon you'll find your way to a sign marking the entrance to Moist Canyon.

Boz and I like Moist Canyon, which right now is a name more than a description. I understand part of the canyon's near a Pasadena Police Department firing range but so far, we've found it to be quiet. And it's very good for sniffing.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Johnson Lake

Pasadena's been crowded. That's okay. Many of my friends and neighbors look forward to Tournament of Roses time. I don't mind it, but I tend to seek a break from the crowds in out-of-the-way places.

This place is so out-of-the-way it's private. I had to sneak a peek through branches overhanging the "No Trespassing" sign. Club House Drive, the street that accesses Johnson Lake, is gated. That gate looked locked to me.

I found Johnson Lake on the Thomas Guide map but it wasn't labeled. Google doesn't have it on their maps, though if you select the satellite photo it's there. It's secluded, sedate, serene - the opposite of Old Town at New Year's.

Thanks to WCGB and The Scout for the tip.

For the next 48 hours I'm not sure what my web access will be. I hope I'll have a chance to respond to comments, so go ahead!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Theme Day: Best Photo of 2008

I first posted this shot on 9/21/08. I called it Bad Year, because UCLA was in the process of losing a football game to Arizona. Now, due to the world economic crisis, the words take on a different meaning.

It's hard to choose a favorite or "best" photo. One reason I chose this is it's different from my usual. It pushes at the edges of my envelope.

Today marks the one year anniversary of Pasadena Daily Photo. I began this blog on January 1st, 2008 with a murky shot of the Rose Bowl Stadium. Since then I've learned much about blogging and about photography. I've made friends with kind souls all around the world. This has been an overwhelmingly good experience, and it's been all about envelope-pushing. I embark on my second year vowing to push harder.

Today in Pasadena the Goodyear blimp rides again over the Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl Game, flying as high as our hopes.

I wish you a happy new year.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pasadena's New Year's Eve

What's that I see across the dark Arroyo? Over there, on the other side of the freeway. Why, it's the Rose Bowl Stadium, all lit up on a cold night.

On this New Year's Eve, as on every other New Year's Eve in Pasadena for the past 118 years, Pasadena awaits the Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl Football Game.

That doesn't mean we just sit around all evening. We have company! Folks are here from out of town! We have to entertain.

So the bars and restaurants are full. Colorado Blvd. is a [no tents allowed] campground all the way from Orange Grove Blvd. in the southwest to Sierra Madre Blvd. in the northeast. It's five miles of solid partay.

Not everyone is celebrating. Tournament officials are busy putting on the finishing touches. The Rose Queen and her Court are presumably getting their beauty sleep (if they're not too excited). I imagine there are some nervous college football players tossing and turning somewhere out there, too. Float decorators are still poking posies into chicken wire, or however they do it these days. Glue guns?

I hope you have a fun and safe New Year's Eve. Here in Pasadena everyone has something to do. The weather has warmed up and it looks like tomorrow's going to be a glorious day for football and roses.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The First Cut Contest: The Fun Begins

In Dianne Emley's thriller The First Cut, the body of LAPD Officer Frankie Lynde is found beneath the Colorado Street Bridge. And no, she didn't jump.

A job for the LAPD? Nope. The bridge is Pasadena territory.

It's the first day back on the job for Emley's heroine, PPD Detective Nan Vining. Vining's had some time off after a close call of her own and her attacker is still out there, waiting. In tracking down Frankie's killer Nan feels more than sympathy for the dead officer. She can almost hear Frankie's voice. Or maybe what she hears is real.

Today The First Cut is released in paperback. So I'm trying something new: A CONTEST! And you don't have to be in Pasadena to play.

Here are the rules:
1. Read The First Cut (available at Vroman's or your favorite book store). You can read a description of the book on Dianne's website.
2. Answer four easy questions about the book, which I'll post January 6th.
3. Email your answers to me (link at upper left of blog) by the January 27th deadline.
4. Feel free to email me any questions you have about the contest, or post them in the comments section.

Three winners will be drawn from the correct entries. Each will win a copy of the second book in the Nan Vining Thrillogy! It's called Cut to the Quick, and it'll be released as a paperback original on January 27th.

Just for fun, throughout the month of January I'll post photos from Pasadena locations mentioned in the book. I'll even take requests (or make the attempt) as long as you send me the page number. (Enlarge the photo above to see where the body was found in The First Cut.)

I plan to do more features with other local writers in 2009. If you're a Pasadena author who'd like to try an interactive something on the blog, let's talk.

I love writers, writing, books and Pasadena, so what could be better than a Pasadena writer who set her story in Pasadena? Many thanks to Dianne for her participation and support!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Zen Monday: #29

Zen Monday's the day you experience the photo and tell us what you think, rather than me telling you what the photo's about.
There's no right or wrong.
If the photo evokes something in you, that's all it is.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tournament Time

From here on in, as every Pasadenite knows, it's Rose Bowl, Rose Parade, Bowl Rose, Tournament of Roses, Parade the Bowl Rose Tournament of Posies and Parade Me Down and Bowl Me Over. And if you didn't get enough, well, how about some football?

Every available inch of Colorado Blvd. property that doesn't have bleachers on it will have bleachers on it by Wednesday night. Either that or it's been condemned. And believe me, we expect this year to be just as well-attended as any other.

Some locals live and breathe the Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl Game, and have never missed either.
Some have been to several of each.
Some regale you with tales of partying all night in a tent on Colorado Blvd. in order to catch the parade with a hangover.
Or freezing in a camper at the Rose Bowl Stadium parking lot for a couple of days, just to watch their team play in the legendary game.

Some went to the parade once, as a rite of passage.

I would go if I had tickets. To the main bleachers. Over at the corner of Colorado and Orange Grove, where the media booths are. Where the sun shines. Where the parade goes by early and ends early. If it was warm.

I am not a fan of crowds or of cold, but I'm a fan of Pasadena. So I bless the Parade and the Game. As Tournament week unfolds and Pasadena welcomes thousands of parade and football fans, I welcome them, too. I hope they have a blast.