Saturday, October 11, 2008

Taking Shape

It's high time for another shameless plug.

Rehearsals are well underway for "The Mystery Plays" by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa at Stillspeaking Theatre in San Marino. Director Donald Shenk is busy putting the cast (that includes me) through its paces. At this point we're still stumbling through blocking and lines. But each step feels more certain. Each line feels more like our own words. The show is taking shape.

Part of that shape is the set. Set designer Nadia Morgan and technical director Josh Coleman were in the theatre last night, starting to put it together. I've seen a mock-up and it looks great. It's innovative, unique. I won't describe it; hopefully I'll bring you a photo of it when it's ready.

I can't wait to inhabit that set. When you get on the set and it looks like something, the excitement starts to build and you begin to itch for an audience.

You guessed it: Nadia and Josh are also the building crew. Here's Nadia, putting the beginning touches on the Mystery.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Golden State

I'm not a participant in Skywatch Friday but every so often I get a good sky shot. This was taken looking west (duh) over La Canada Flintridge toward the Glendale hills.

Glendale doesn't border on Pasadena; we've got Eagle Rock between us. (Eagle Rock's officially part of Los Angeles, but really it's its own community.) La Canada Flintridge borders Pasadena on its east side, to our northwest.

I've set rules for myself. I post photos here taken only in Pasadena or its bordering communities (unless someone else is doing the City Daily Photo blog for that community). So for example, if I wanted to post a photo I'd taken in Glendale, I'd put it on Overdog. I took a photo in Hollywood that I like, so I posted it there. (Like Eagle Rock, Hollywood's officially part of Los Angeles, but unlike Eagle Rock, it seems fitting.)

I haven't taken any photos in La Canada Flintridge. A project to put on my list.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dam Dusk

Another night shot todayor to be accurate, a dusk shot.

Atop the Devil's Gate Dam there's a bridge or to be accurate, the dam bridges the Arroyo Seco and one can walk across it, or ride a horse or bike. At dusk one might cross again, returning.

I'm keeping it short today. My schedule's full with auditions, play rehearsals and keeping up with regular life. I'm overwhelmedor to be accurate, I'm whelmed (but happily so).

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Los Robles Nightfall

Los Robles is the name of the street. "Los robles" is also Spanish for "the oaks," which these obviously aren't. Maybe not so obviously. It was dark. I'm working on my dark photography. These are palmas--uh, palms.

I understand certain trees are protected in Pasadena. I've heard if you cut down a Live Oak, even if you planted it yourself, you're subject to legal action. Anybody know the answer? I couldn't come up with the search string that would tell me.

We have a Tree Protection Ordinance which isn't specific about which trees are protected, so maybe they're all protected. That's more trees than people. Our population is under 150,000, yet Hometown Pasadena estimates 205,000 trees in Pasadena. I know it's at least 205,001 by now because the book came out in 2006 and John and I have planted a Chinese Elm in our yard since then.

Palm trees are not indigenous to southern California. But I ramble on.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Serendipity, Orange Grove Avenue

I was trying to figure the best way to get a picture of this building at 837 E. Orange Grove Avenue in Pasadena. It looks like a nice building, with its reflective windows framed by green tiles. I thought it might be worth a photo. It's empty right now and I don't see much about it on the web; it might have been a real estate office at one time.

Sometimes when I'm considering a subject I do a wide shot, then move in closer to find the best detail shots--kind of like in movies and TV when they shoot a master of a scene, then move in for two-shots and close-ups.

So this was the master. And this woman rode through on her Vespa or whatever it is and I had already clicked. I didn't realize she was smiling until I put the shot up on the computer screen. Aren't I lucky she came through? It makes a photograph out of something that, before her arrival, was only a reference for my files. I like that the photo is mostly greens and blues, even the woman's motorcycle, except for the pinks and tans around the woman herself. And there's that one-way sign so you can't miss her! But what I love most is that she's smiling.

It was all so serendipitous. Those who follow Glimpses of South Pasadena will know why I thought of Laurie.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Zen Monday: #19

On Zen Monday you experience the photo and tell me what it's about, rather than me telling you what to experience from viewing it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Paint Job

I was struck by the paint job on All Tune & Lube at 1280 East Walnut. I don't know much about them; the place looked awfully clean and closed for a weekday morning. I looked them up online and found a couple of excellent reviews, but not recent ones. All I can tell you is the paint job is apparently part of the franchise.

I took this picture Friday. We had a bit of rain Saturday (yay!). Big, heavy clouds spent their entire day rolling around the mountaintops. I wanted to get photos of them but my entire day was over-committed. If only it weren't so dangerous to take pictures while driving.