Saturday, September 20, 2008

By Request...

...or should I say, you asked for it?

A few days ago I posted about the Evelyn Broadway apartments. The apartment building was moved from its previous location and now sits on the lot where you can see it at left, next to the house in today's photo. When I mentioned I thought the folks in the "teeny pink house" might not be thrilled that this building had moved in next door to them, several commenters wanted to see the pink house.

Ta da!

Our sun is in the southern sky much of the year, and since the apartments loom over this little house's southern side, it gets shadow now most of every day.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Bridge, Night

It is rare to be alone on the Colorado Street Bridge.
To be on it alone at night is temptation
to leave your shoes
to leave the car
to walk.
Where would you go?
Would you slip tiptoe through neighborhoods west or east, spy on the wealthy, risk dobermans and insecurity guards?
Or would you slink down damp embankment moss into the dark underneath?
Trolls might be real.

A car comes. So. Temptation's moment passes. You exhale and accelerate.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Devil's Throat

Today's post relates to yesterday's post about Devil's Gate Dam. Take a look at that picture again. The crows sit atop a vertical grate, and we're looking inside that grate here. Ground level is where the water's pouring in.

A shout out to Ted for sending me back to that Wikipedia link! A shout out to Trish, too. Yesterday, Trish commented that her grandfather said the grate is idiot-proofing and crap prevention. (Well, Trish's granddad called it a "cr@p preventer" but I have no idea how to pronounce that.) Other than that I think Trish's grandfather's probably right. For one thing, branches and trees float free after the spring rains, and though the smaller debris can get through this it keeps the larger stuff out.

And it's idiot-proof. I couldn't get in there. But I got the camera in.

Anyone who lives around here knows I didn't take these pictures within the last couple of months. It's way too dry these days. If I remember correctly I took them last May, after the spring waters withdrew.

(To be honest, I didn't remember at all. Sprocket's guardian Becca had to set me straight. Shout out to Becca! Also a shout out to Barbara, who visits here regularly and even checked in when she was away for a few weeks in England. I'm honored, thank you, Barbara. The Devil's throat is getting sore from shouting out.)

Back to the dam: there are more pictures of the inner workings and a larger perspective shot of the west end of it on Overdog today. I hope you'll have a look.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Birdy for Dins?

Devil's Gate Dam has two parts, or so it seems to me. The eastern end of it looks relatively newish. The western part resembles a medieval fortress. I don't know what that thing is in the middle of the photo, but I took more shots of it, which I'll show you.

Boz doesn't care. He's just trying to figure out how high he can jump.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stef's Sketches

One of the best things about blogging is other bloggers. You may have seen comments here occasionally from St├ęphane Kardos. I love his art and was honored when he sent me this sketch inspired by my post of September 14th. I asked Stef if I could post it and he agreed. We did an email interview. I cut out my questions because his answers are the interesting part.

about the picture:

I painted this on my iphone (after I saw the photo on your blog) with a software/application called "Brushes." It's like having a mini Photoshop in your pocket. I also use an application called “Picoli” to play with the sharpness of my final painting.

I love the light in Altadena. The sunsets are amazing! And the light on the mountains is mind blowing, but it changes so quickly, by the time you are ready to paint, the light is gone! The only way was to take a photo and paint it at home in my studio.

But I love being on site, I love the spontaneity, the mistakes because you were in a rush, or because the car I was painting just left, this person moved...

So this little software is a treasure. I just go around with my iphone in my pocket, and when I spot a beautiful light in the sky, a reflection on a building, a car parked under a street light, I just do it. I’m planning on doing 100 mini paintings on my Iphone and put a book together.

about Stef:

I was born about 50 miles North East of Paris, in the Champagne area. Beautiful, great food and Champagne almost for free... but not much to do.

As a child I was in love with Disney movies and Tex Avery cartoons! My Mum got me a book about him when I was 11, and I copied the drawings so many times, it was a great way to learn how to draw cartoon characters. When I was 16, I moved to the North of France to study in Animation School. After I graduated, I went to an illustration school in Strasbourg, to “Les Arts Decoratifs”. After a year I was hired as an illustrator at a small studio that was doing children’s books and adapting Disney Animated Movies into kids’ books.

I started at the Disney Studios in Paris in 1997, then moved to their London Offices in 2001. I stayed 6 years there, and was offered a job in L.A. last year. My wife and I had just got married; we jumped on the opportunity to discover a new country!

I’m a Director Character Artist at Disney Consumer Products in Glendale, heading a team of Artists that mainly draws Winnie the Pooh for all consumer purposes. We do everything from the first rough drawing to the final color artwork. I’ve been drawing Winnie the Pooh and all the characters around him for a long time, and I still love it. I also draw a lot of other Disney characters; I’ve been working on Fairies recently, Hannah Montana, WALL-E…

Working here in California was a dream I had when I was a kid in France. To be actually here now working in the Disney Studios is so inspiring.

My wife and I moved in Altadena last November. It was a bit of a shock when we arrived in L.A from Europe last August. We were used to old buildings and small streets, and we didn’t find any of this until we discovered Pasadena. We were so happy to see people walking around on Colorado, shops, restaurants, it felt more European.

Then a friend told us about Altadena. We drove there and fell in love. It looked like the South of France, palm trees, mountains, a lot of vegetations, and we loved the fact that it was quieter than Pasadena and a bit quainter. We bought a beautiful house from 1914. My wife, our dog and myself are very happy; Altadena felt like home as soon as we moved in.

I’m very inspired here, and will be for a long time. I learn more and more everyday about this beautiful part of L.A that my wife and I call home.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Zen Monday: #16

On Zen Monday you experience the photo then tell me what it's about, rather than me telling you what to experience from viewing it.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


The sign pointing you to the 1881 Club on Washington Blvd. is a classic old beauty. The club itself, however, looks like the kind of night spot I wouldn't enter on my own.

So although I can't review it I googled some links for you:
Yelp reviews.
A review from
And here's a rave from

So my guess was right, but it's all relative.

I'm not saying I've never been in a sleazy bar. I'm saying...well, I'm not saying. I'm sure the owners of the 1881 Club would understand. One doesn't get to be a classic old beauty without some wear and tear.