Saturday, January 5, 2008

Farmers Market, Rain or Shine

The rain let up for the Farmers Market, but attendance was slim today on both sides of the counter. Some of the farmers we usually see didn't make the drive. Who can blame them? Many come from surrounding counties, and that can be a long drive when the skies threaten and you know there won't be a lot of buyers. Plus, rain is a mighty good excuse not to get up at 3AM.

Farmers Markets happen every day in SoCal, and many of the same merchants sell at several of them. At the Saturday market in the parking lot of Pasadena High School, we can purchase fresh fish, nuts, artisanal olives, handmade cheeses, flowers, decorative plants, handmade granola and cookies and a variety of breads, as well as the seasonal fruits and vegetables you'd expect. There's another market Tuesday mornings at Villa Parke Center, and one in South Pasadena Thursday evenings.

Besides the fresh, organic food the best perk is getting to know the people who produce it. You can't beat that.

Friday, January 4, 2008


It's raining in southern California today. It's supposed to rain all weekend. We're not very good at dealing with it. We drive in rain like southerners drive in snow. (Midwesterners make fun of us for this--I know, because I'm a transplanted Midwesterner.)

Even so, we welcome the opportunity to practice our rain coping skills. The weather experts tell us three days of downpour won't solve our drought problems. It's better than no rain at all, though, which is what we've been having for a long time.

It was mid-afternoon when I took this one, but it seemed later because of the cloudy darkness. The location is facing south on San Marino Avenue at California Blvd. (That part's easy enough to figure out.)

Thursday, January 3, 2008


This crew was dismantling the Rose Parade bleachers in front of the Vons grocery store on Colorado Blvd. at Sierra Madre Blvd. this afternoon.

When I look at the mountains in the background I think, no matter the job, you can't beat the setting. I grew up in the flat lands of Illinois--a beautiful area, but I'm always amazed when I look up and see mountains. Around here, that means I'm amazed pretty much all the time.

Does the crane get a parking ticket?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Quiet Grandstand

The clean-up crews were already sweeping litter while the game was underway yesterday. The grandstands will be here for a few more days. This is the one that faces west at the northern part of Orange Grove Avenue, between Green Street and Colorado Blvd. The floats make their right turn onto Colorado at the left side of the photo, by the American flag.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Rose Bowl

Welcome to Pasadena Daily Photo! Of all days, it's most fitting to start on New Year's Day. Pasadena's calm enough throughout the year, but this town throws a new year's party like nobody else, with the colorful Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl football game.

I admit I'm not a fan of crowds, so even though U of I is my alma mater I didn't go to the game today. This photo was taken during the game, looking north from the Holly Street bridge. It gives you an idea of the size of the mob I missed spending my afternoon with. More cars were parked on the golf course north of the stadium, and on front lawns of enterprising citizens living in the surrounding neighborhoods. Nearly every parking lot in town is full, if not with RVs, then with Rose Parade floats. (Click on the photo to enlarge it.)